Downton Abbey Dish #44

Deborah Gilbert | March 25, 2016

What has been the most constant topic of conversation on Downton Abbey since the Titanic was attacked by the blasted iceberg? Change. And now that we have exited the story Crawley (for now), it’s time for some changes here as well (though nothing as drastic as a toaster)…

I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together: 

Downton Abbey may be over, but there are more fabulous British TV programs crossing the pond all the time – and thankfully THIRTEEN still wants me to write about them. So I’ll be movin’ on up, not to the east side, but to a dee-luxe page right here on It’ll be the same old me, but it will be in a new location, with a new title.

A Rose by Any Other Name: 

So, yes, I’m moving (think of me as moving into Edith’s fabulous London loft), but then there is the matter of what to call this blog now that Downton Abbey has sailed into the sunset. The Downton Abbey Dish (or its old off-season mouthful of a name, Dispatch From the Downton Abbey Diaspora), don’t seem like they still apply. Since Downton is no more, people might mistake new posts for old ones if it were still called The Downton Dish. But what do we call it now? Right off the top of my head I thought of Telly Talk, but quickly came to my senses and realized that sounds a bit like the name of a show on a Saturday Night Live sketch. OK, now what? We thought it was a good idea to keep the ‘Dish’ part of the title, to give it some continuity, but it’s going to be about all the British shows – so we settled on The British Telly Dish. Not as alliterate as The Downton Dish, but it will do the trick. If you can think of anything better, please do let us know!

So here we go: My first post in my new gaff is already posted here. Have a gander; it’s all about Grantchester, Mr. Selfridge, Call the Midwife, and Poldark (Yummy!).

Breathe In…and Breathe Out…:

Last weekend I was incredibly stressed out and needed a way to decompress, so I turned to Downton Abbey. What can I say? Life just gets on top of you sometimes. I had just been to the doctor for a check up and my blood pressure was through the roof. Between long hours on a demanding job, caring for my 90-year-old uncle (who is sinking into dementia), and all the maddening election coverage, I was fraying. I’m sure there are many of you in the same boat. I was told I needed to manage stress better. What did I do? For starters I’ve made more time for regular exercise (power walks), but on Sunday, on a rare day when I got some time for myself, I made time to pull out the DVD of Season 1 and popped it into my Macbook, sank back and watched, completely taken away once again. No Calgon needed.

Downton is such a layered show that if you give it enough time between viewings, you’ll see different things you hadn’t noticed before, or had forgotten about. And it’s just plain relaxing to fall into that world – even if we know that, were we to live there, we’d be downstairs, not upstairs and it wouldn’t be so relaxing. (Then again, to live downstairs is to be spared the disastrous Crawley dinner parties)!

Recap Rewind: 

As you re-watch Downton Abbey in the future, you’ll still be able to read my Downton Abbey Dish recaps here on Below are links to the first episode of the seasons, 2 through 6, hat I recapped. You can navigate to the rest of the episode recaps, and the season-ending wrap-up, from each season from there, (and I hope you will!)

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Season 6, Episode 1

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel:

I hope you’ll continue to follow the new site and wish me ‘such good luck!’ Stop back there regularly for all the latest news on all these wonderful British programs coming to PBS (the coming months are just chock full of them)! See you there!

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