Coronavirus Impact Reports: Week April 6

Christina Knight | April 10, 2020

THIRTEEN and PBS offer regular, in-depth reporting on the coronavirus to help everyone understand the disease and emergency response measures, and the behaviors that are best for your – and others’ – health. Here is the latest from infectious disease doctors, medical professionals, officials and journalists who cover coronavirus news. This page will be updated as reporting continues.

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MetroFocus Interviews

(l to r): Hosts Rafael Pi Roman, Jenna Flanagan and Jack Ford.

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Tonight, April 10: NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson | Homeless in Pandemic
NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson joins us for a wide-ranging interview on the difficulties facing New York City that he’s most concerned about, as well as an issue he says is of the utmost importance: how to reopen the economy. The City investigative reporter Greg Smith joins us with an eye-opening report detailing the efforts shelters have taken to contain the spread and why they fell so disastrously short.

April 9: Impact on the Arts | Long Island Hospital

Television and Tony award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell is recovering from COVID-19. As the chairman of The Actor’s Fund, he’s also raising money and awareness in hopes of helping those onstage, backstage and behind the scenes who are facing healthcare crises. Dr. Adhi Sharma – Chief Medical Officer, Mount Sinai South Nassau has joined the global race to find a cure and is testing new treatments at his Long Island hospital. He gives us an unflinching look at what life is like on the frontlines. Nassau and Suffolk counties are home to about 3 million people and almost 30,000 of them have the virus.

April 8: Faith in a Time of Crisis

At the start of Holy Week lead in to Easter, Archbishop Timothy Dolan held Palm Sunday mass from a closed and near-empty St. Patrick’s Cathedral and livestreamed his message, like many other religious leaders across the tri-state. Tonight we take you inside the diocese of Brooklyn with Monsignor Kieran Harrington, president of DeSales, a media and technology ministry serving the church. Will Doig, co-editor of Reasons To Be Cheerful, says the online project’s stories balance a sense of healthy optimism with journalistic rigor to find cause for hope.

April 7: Lockdown Leads to Increase in Domestic Abuse

The United Nations is reporting a “horrifying surge” in domestic violence worldwide. Law enforcement officials in many cities across America report domestic violence increased in March as the pandemic spread. In New York, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea reported a spike in online visitors to the city’s domestic violence resource website ( or 800-621-4673). For weeks, advocates have been sounding the alarm that the outbreak could also be disastrous for people in abusive relationships and for families forced to isolate with their abusers. Tanya Selvaratnam, one of four women to accuse then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of physical abuse discusses the crisis and the urgent need for action. Also tonight, how long will shelter in place last? Virginia Pitzer, an expert in infectious disease transmission and Yale school of Public Health associate professor, joins us to help answer that question.

See MetroFocus site for domestic violence resources in the tri-state area.

Monday, April 6: A Long Island Doctor’s Mobile Unit | Food Insecurity

Friday, April 3: Financial Crisis | Nature Time

William Goetzmann, Yale School of Management Professor, puts your financial fears into historical perspective while examining the prospects for recovery. Stocks have suffered major losses unrivaled since 2008 and the Dow has seen its worst decline since 1987 – the year of the Black Monday stock market crash. Then, some nature getaways have closed due to overcrowding during a time of social distancing, like the Monhonk Preserve in Ulster County. Elizabeth Long, Mohonk Preserve Director of Conservation Science, share the numerous ways you can still enjoy nature- from home.

PBS NewsHour Reports

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April 6: Being Pregnant in a Pandemic

Across the U.S., expectant parents and those who have recently given birth are confronting an unanticipated layer of stress due to coronavirus. Health care providers have had to rethink how best to offer prenatal care at a time people are being told to stay home. And some hospitals have barred visitors — including partners — during delivery due to the virus’ contagiousness. Amna Nawaz reports.

April 5: Parenting and Working from Home

Millions of parents in the U.S. are being asked to work from home while also caring for their children. Balancing the two may seem like an impossible task. One writer says that this is the perfect time for parents to change their expectations. NewsHour Weekend’s Zachary Green spoke to author and parent Kimberly Harrington about lowering the parenting bar.

April 4: Will the Environment Improve?

Fewer vehicles are on the roads and the skies are comparatively free of airplanes. Many other human activities that cause air pollution also have been scaled back. But will this lull in activity make a difference in the air we breathe or the future of climate change? NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports.


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March 27: What Does the Test Do?

What goes on inside those test tubes to detect whether a person is positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19?

Amanpour and Company

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April 3: Protective Equipment

Some of the strategies individuals can employ to slow the spread of COVID-19 are extremely simple, starting with washing your hands as often as possible. For years, Dr. Atul Gawande has worked with hospitals to lower their infection rates by reminding doctors to do exactly this. A surgeon and New Yorker staff writer, Gawande joins the program to reflect on another week of tragedy and challenge.

GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer, a renowned political scientist, entrepreneur and bestselling author, shares his perspective on recent global events and interviews the world leaders, experts and newsmakers shaping today’s international politics. Watch Saturdays at 10:30am or stream now.

April 4: Media During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the reliability of all our institutions, including the news media. How should the Fourth Estate operate in this new normal? And how should it confront an unprecedented onslaught of disinformation? Ben Smith, former Buzzfeed News editor-in-chief, now media columnist with The New York Times, is the guest.


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