Cook’s Country Broadcast Schedule and Recipes

September 20, 2017

Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen is where to find the best foolproof, no-nonsense recipes for classic American dishes and everyday favorites. See the schedule for THIRTEEN and our sibling stations.

We travel the country and scour the history books to find the very best traditional and contemporary American dishes. We bring these back to our test kitchen where our team of cooks collaborate to develop practical, approachable recipes. We perform dozens of tests, re-tests, and cross-tests – a process that can take weeks – to ensure our recipes work, every time.

Join hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, and our cast of cooks, taste testers, and equipment experts as we explore the endless, delicious facets of American cooking and the stories behind them, from family-friendly weeknight dishes to comforting home-style favorites to holiday showstoppers. Our kitchen is your kitchen. Welcome home.