April Highlights on THIRTEEN

April 4, 2017

April means the arrival of Spring, showers, Earth Day on April 22 as well as major Jewish and Christian religious holidays (see the blog on Religious Life and History broadcasts). Refresh yourself with new seasons and premieres!

Nature and Earth Day Related

Nature takes simple ingredients like wind, water and temperature and transforms them into something spectacular and powerful. Previewed above, the documentary Wild Weather (April 26 at 10pm) reveals exactly how it does it. The only way to truly understand the weather is to get inside it. This innovative program features scientists from around the globe who are creating their own weather in an attempt to examine the secret processes at work.

Travel south to warmer climes with Nature for its premieres Viva Puerto Rico (April 12 at 8pm), Hotel Armadillo (April 19 at 8pm) filmed in Brazil, and to the Austria Alps with Forest of the Lynx (April 26 at 8pm).

Drama and Performance

Call the Midwife (Sundays at 8pm) launches its sixth season in April and in her recap of the first episode, our British Telly Dish blogger Deborah Gilbert observes times are a’changing in the year 1962.

Also new is the second (and final!) season of Masterpiece: Home Fires, airing Sundays at 9pm.

Great Performances at the Met brings Romeo et Juliette (April 14 at 9pm) from the Metropolitan Opera House to your living room. The dancers of Ballet Boyz go on location into the mud, fields, and forests of northern France for the production, Young Men on Great Performances (April 7 at 9pm). Young Men is a dramatic dance film about soldiers trying to maintain their humanity amidst the brutality of war, choreographed by Iván Pérez and with a score by Keaton Henson.

On April 1, Thirteen begins its first season of Doc Martin, which has six episodes.


Based on a new interpretation of contemporary historical events in Rome, the documentary Last Days of Jesus (April 4) explores a new political context to the events in Jerusalem.

American Experience: The Great War (April 10 – 12 at 9pm) uses the stories of African-American soldiers, feminist activists, Native-American “code talkers” and others to show how World War I transformed America. The three-part film explores how a brilliant PR man bolstered support for the war; how President Wilson steered the nation through three years of neutrality before joining the bloody conflict; and how ardent patriotism for America’s crusade for liberty abroad led to one of the most oppressive crackdowns on civil liberties in American History.