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The faculty of the Institute for Advanced Studies are changing the way we look at the world. Choose a Big Thinker from the list below to see how.
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John Bahcall John Bahcall John Von Neumann John Von Neumann
Enrico Bombieri Enrico Bombieri Martin Nowak Martin Nowak
Glen Bowersock Glen Bowersock Feryal Ozel Feryal Ozel
Freeman Dyson Freeman Dyson Sara Seager Sara Seager
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Nathan Sieberg Nathan Sieberg
Clifford Geertz Clifford Geertz Robert Taub Robert Taub
Oleg Grabar Oleg Grabar Kirk Varnedoe Kirk Varnedoe
Juan Maldacena Juan Maldacena Michael Walzer Michael Walzer
Eric Maskin Eric Maskin
Edward Witten Edward Witten

John Nash John Nash

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