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Outreach Efforts & Materials

There has been a tremendous and enthusiastic response to the BEFORE I DIE program from public television stations and organizations all over the country. Apparently, this is a topic which is of concern to us all. Many events are being planned with the active involvement of hospice organizations, civic organizations, medical groups, service organizations, consumer leagues, and bar associations. Many stations have partnered with our outreach associates to create discussion groups and panels. The following list provides information on the types of outreach activities and materials available.

The BEFORE I DIE: A NATIONAL CONVERSATION videoconference is a key tool to help community leaders to lead discussions around the topic of death and dying.

Hosting Stations & Organizations
For information on local outreach efforts, look for an organization hosting the videoconference in your area.

Form a Discussion Group in Your Community
You are also invited to start your own discussion group. We've provided some helpful guidelines for doing so.

Outreach Associates
You can contact these key organizations for information.

Viewer's Guide
A viewer's guide has been prepared to accompany the show. You can download a PDF version here.

Videotapes of the show
Videotapes of BEFORE I DIE: MEDICAL CARE AND PERSONAL CHOICES are available in two versions: the broadcast version and a special segmented version for discussion groups.

Please give us your feedback on the various outreach efforts. You can print an evaluation form and return it by mail or fax to Thirteen/WNET.

Evaluation form for Individuals
Evaluation form for Discussion Leaders
Evaluation form for Videoconference Hosts

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