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Thirteen Online

Producer: Licia Hurst
Designer/Art Director: Mohammad Riza
Writer: Janet Firshein
Researcher: Jane Buchanan
Graphic Artist: Gina Niemiec
Page Building: Atsushi Tatsuoka, Ann Willmott Andersson
Production Assistance: Margaret Casagrande
Technical Director: Howard Goldstein

Executive Producer, wNetStation: Barry Levine

wNetStation is a production of the Kravis Multimedia Education Center at Thirteen/WNET in New York City. Ruth Ann Burns, Vice-President; David Wolff, Director of New Media.

About the Writer
Janet Firshein is an independent health writer who lives in Washington, D.C. Ms. Firshein has been covering health care policy issues for 12 years. She was a 1995 Kaiser Media Fellow and is the former editor of Medicine and Health.

Photo Credits
Nurse & patient: © Ron Chapple
Baby & mother: © Steven Gottlieb
Men holding hands: © Ron Chapple
Hand on cane: © Ron Chapple
Man at window: © Chris Bartlett
Couple on grass: © Ron Chapple

Special thanks to FPG International.

BEFORE I DIE: MEDICAL CARE AND PERSONAL CHOICES is a production of Seminars, Inc. in association with Thirteen/WNET.

Producer: Amy Schatz
Writer: Joan I. Greco
Editorial Advisor: Ruth Friendly
Broadcast Producer/Director: Mark Ganguzza
Introduction by Tim Russert
Associate Producer: Megan Lukas
Conference Coordinator: Steven Dinkes
Editor: Molly McKinley
Set Design: William Rothfuss
Lighting Design: Donald Firestone
Production Associate: Lisa Ammerman
Assistant Coordinator: Evelien Kong

Production Executive, Thirteen/WNET: Tamara Robinson

Executive Director Seminars, Inc.: Barbara E. Margolis

Executive Producer: Richard Kilberg


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