Isabel Salinas
I think he has help all of us to became aware of the need to help others. He is an inspiration. his music is as great as his heart, an incredible human man!
Christopher Powell
Powerful lyrics, performances, and activism.
Frances Dommeleers
Has held many concerts raising money for world causes.
Jeremy Chernikoff
It’s probably enough to mention that lead singer Bono was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, yet a look at U2’s impact in the past 30 years reveals far more, including much needed attention brought to the struggle in Northern Ireland (Sunday Bloody Sunday), devotion to promoting civil rights (Pride), promotion of Amnesty International in their albums and at their concerts, and most recently, leading the charge against poverty and disease in Africa.
(One) The band itself has made herculean efforts in enlightening and educating its listeners to the social, cultural, and political strife all over Africa. In so doing, has inspired millions of people worldwide to act, no matter how small, to effect change. Without their influence and efforts, a spotlight would never have been shone...
Ron Roth
(Bono in particular) Global consciousness: music interlaced with morality.
Mary Allocco
U2 is, without a doubt, one of a small group of musicians that has had a positive + lasting impact on our world. Their songs, from "New Year's Day", "40", "Where the Streets Have No Name," +"One", to the more recent "Walk On", "Grace" and "Breathe" have inspired their listeners to become the conduits of change that are necessary within and without every human being on this earth if we are to truly carry out our singular + common calling of ushering in a lasting peace and unity to a broken place.
Marc Silverstein
Bono - His acts speak for themselves
Nicole Gallo
U2 is the band I grew up with. I have watched them actively address and become involved with such organizations as Greenpeace and Amnesty International and have addressed such issues as political asylum, world hunger, and general humanitarianism in both their music and actions. In a time of greed and selfishness, thy have shown that they can take a different path and actuall make a difference.
Catherine Blackburn
Bono - His music is timeless, and he is the voice of not one but several decades. He makes his causes known and uses his fame to promote, not himself, but to raise awareness for problems that need solving. He's an excellent musician and a good person, too.
Gil Barr
Carla Ouzunoff
Bono - raising the consciousness of his audience, saving lives, changing govt. policy
Michael Marmor
Bono - His work on HIV/AIDS has been phenomenal.
Thomas Sheridan
Bono has worked dilegently to get political and business leaders to set aside their differences and help the less advantage in the world. For example, Bono worked with President Bush to increase US aides funding. Not an easy task given their political differences. The wrold has become too political. Its time for artists like Bono to help us realize that there are issues that rise above politics and that action rather than words are needed.
Richard Dubitsky
An obvious choice. He's got access to powerful people and makes intelligent arguments.
Leslie Heffernan
Of U2 - He's been responsible for many fund raisers.
Janice Schiavo
The artist and the Band are using their music to focus on helping other nations and causes for a better world for us to promote peace,saving the enviroment,and having issues addressed by using there status as positive public figures. When you are as gifted and blessed as they are they in my opinion are doing the right thing.And they will truly be blessed.
Allen Mohr
U2 has had an extraordinary influce because of the message in their music, the extent of their following and the length of their career.
Joe Bonomo
Bono has brought more social justice issues to more people's attention via his superstar status throughout the world than any other musician.
Kimberly Kent
Too many to list
Eva Swany
He cares deeply about what goes on in the world and is not afraid to say so.
gerry halley
brings attention to so many world problems Aids, poverty etc
Cheryl Dzubak
...and Bruce Springsteen - I can't narrow it down to just one. Bono has been extremely influential in bringing attention to reducing debt for poor countries and has been honored for his efforts.
Bruce Springsteen has had a profound effect in the music world and is an inspiration to other artists. He has called attention to the hungry and always asks fans at concerts to support their local food banks and he has done the same. He has called for political action to change things and has asked the young not to be silent.
Joyce Brian
...and Bruce Springsteen - Bono because of all his work around the world to stop hunger, AIDS crisis,etc.
Bruce for standing up for the every day man in all of his songs
Michael Masley
Materially has done the most over a wider portion of the Earth.
susan hughes
his work with ONE
chris swain
He has been more visable than anyone else in the last twenty years for peace and third world issues
Andrea Burghart
He has done so much to help those less fortunate than him around the world. His "One" campaign, Product Red sales for Aids relief in Africa, work with world leaders, etc is incredible. His music supports his ideas fully as well.
Ari Linett
Bono has been the most public figure and has reached very important people- letting the whole world know that we are
in need to do something the save
the world from so many problems.
The list is too long to say.
Donna Smith
Bono has made the world more aware of the problems of poverty. Africa in particular has benefited from his influences.
Lisa Taylor
Bono has done more than any musician--probably EVER--to end extreme poverty. I can't even begin to count the ways he has worked to bring about change--by spread awareness, creating the One Campaign, going directly to political figures to lobby for more $ in the budget for this issue, etc. He is a hero and an inspiration.
Steve Bondy
He came from a terrorist war at home, & climbed thru the pop charts with less talent, & more charisma than most. He writes songs about hope & change, & risks his life to go fearlessly into unknown territories to make new friends out of enemies.
Dorian Martin
His nonpartisan lobbying in support of various causes has been so important in bringing light to his causes.
Sindee Grossman
He has done so much to raise money and awareness on many issues plaguing our world today. Since he has such high visability he can and has made a huge difference.
Beverly Bilder
They are sincerely working for peace and the underpriveleged of the world.
Alice Osmers
He raises awareness and money for AIDS in Africa with the ONE campaign. The Inspi(red) t-shirts/red campaign raised lots of money. Songs like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" "One" provoke feelings about love, compassion, political awareness in the young and old.
Esther Schnurnberger
Bono is devoting a tremendous energy to raising consciousness, particularly to the plight of the world's poorest people.
Ed Bezursik
They have capitalized on their visibility in a selfless way and brought awareness to a typically narcissistic audience. They have "walked the walk" by attending to third world countries and other crisis situations offering true compassion and contributing to the welfare of others.
Mary Catharine Sullivan, RSM
For the work that U2 has done throughout the world, especially among the world's neediest deserves recognition. Hopefully, others will use their fame and wealth to help alleviate poverty, diseases and losses from any number of causes and other tragedies in third-world countries
Farrel Bove
This band of unknown irish rockers have been on the cutting edge of intentionally bringing causes to the light of avid followers as well as to ordinary citizens and members of the power structure. They are consumate rockers that keep the fire burning.A band that has had extremely important things to say since the 70's. Always they have stayed true to both the issues that matter and their music despite their own popularity or success and this adherence to truth has brought the world closer.
Mark Deats
Bono has used his celebrity status to shed light on important causes like AIDS in Africa, global warming, etc.. and is also quite a philanthropist.
Andrew McNelly
It happened in 1988. I was 12, and my musical tastes were still developing (I was listening to Mtley Crue!). My cousin, who was a DJ in Baltimore, gave me a mix tape of U2. I listened to it the next day, and that was it-I was hooked. Not only did this band open me up to great music, but also to the world, fueling an interest in politics, inspiring me to get involved, and giving me new friends who loved the music of this band. They are the biggest rock band in the world, and keep on changing
Rob Trigalet
If it weren't for Bono and the music of U2, I certainly wouldn't see the world the way that I do and I most certainly wouldn't be a volunteer for the African Well Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation in sub - Saharan Africa which was started by a group of U2 fans inspired by Bono's activism for Africa. Over 250,000 African's lives have been changed for the better thanks to Bono's inspiration to the African Well Fund.
Debbie Lackowitz
And U2 - Of course, the music. Then "Product Red" which generates money for AIDS relief in Africa. Bono's op-eds in the NY Times. I don't think there's been a moment or opportunity wasted by Bono and his band. They're there, and you don't have to ask. And they influence their fans as well. Just look at the recent Giants Stadium tour. Their fans literally deluged the new NJ Transit connection to the stadium. So there wasn't a massive traffic jam, it was a massive public transportation jam! Yeah U2!
Roy Moloney
Biggest and best band of the last 20 years.
Rebecca Carman
fight against poverty, that he educated himself in such depth, worked at such a high level re. policymakers etc., raised money through concerts etc.
Eugene Gorrin
Worldwide musical following. Has been dedicated to relieving hunger and poverty, as well as HIV/AIDS, in Africa.
Mimi Simon
Bono is a political activist who is engaged in many worthwhile causes.
Kenneth Gerstheimer
This is a man on a mission,using his gift of making music,(which gave him access to important leaders of many nations)taking his message of helping people to new ears.For one person to be so persistant for a cause,you can only hope others will follow his concerns for caring for people that most wouldn't dare take on. Don't ever stop,Bono.
Adam Hoverman
Magnificently passionate rock n' roll bound and determined to create a future far better than any we can imagine.
Pamela Klivan
Many artists, through lyrics, try to change the world. Bono takes this further. He continually works to bring social issues to the forefronts of the general population and to the political leaders who hold the power. Since the 80's, beginning with Amnesty International, Bono has traveled, debated and supported many issues. His commitment has been steady. He continues to use his influence, popularity, lyrics, voice and of course his music to change the world.
Samari Bernal
Because of his envolving with the human rights around the world
Belinda Smith
They could have just been rock and roll millionaires, but they chose to fight for social justice and equality while still being influential artists.
Zuni Ramirez
Aside from making beautiful music, Bono is a crusader for the world's poor.
Virginia Hoagland
Bono is so influential because he and his band U2 have not hesitated to take a stand on the critical issues in our world today -- poverty, the environment, ending wars, etc. He has used the universal languaqe of music to reach out to all and galvanize the potent forces of humanity to address and solve our mutual problems.
Alice Kovler
He has raised the awareness of so many people to humanitarian catastrophes around the world, such as the ethnic cleansing, rapes, and murders in Darfur, and made them impossible to ignore. He's obviously passionate about the causes he embraces and his fame makes his voice heard round the world.
Elizabeth David
Paul Hewson - Bono from U2 - His willingness to use his fame to try to end world hunger
Because they saved the world
Eamonn Kearney
Because of his activism on behalf of many causes: Aids, World Poverty, Enviroment etc.
Mickey Medlicott
Saved generations of Irish from following in their elders' footsteps, hating and warring against their British identified neighbors.
Leslie Bhutani
This band has brought SOME concern for universal well-being to a couple of generations now of self centered, well-off, first world inhabitants who might otherwise have missed the point...
Kendall Jackman
They are outspoken,and not afraid to act on their convictions,on a global scale.
Peggy Brady Vishnupad
His music, songs and message about peace throughout the world.
Mike Murphy
Bono was able to build a bridge between left and right politicians in America. Probably got GW Bush to over commit on aid to Africa & guilted the G8, 10 or 20 to doing more for the world's 'least among us'. His consistent ongoing efforts acknowledge that we all need to solve these problems together. It is a formula that can work.
Myriam&David Thelemaque
ida lewis
his activities, for the good, move beyond music.
Alen Saran
Hi! Bono used the spotlight on the U2's ZOO TV Tour, in the early '90, to connect with people of Sarajevo under the siege. This, almost daily, contact via live satellite link changed the perception of the war among younger generations around the world. We all connected! Bono displays the same passion in fight against poverty, AIDS and debt relief...
Kelly Warters
All of the philanthropic work and peace movement through ONE. At every concert he speaks of peace and has a message of hope for us all.
Rodrigo Muniz
I believe in what he does
James Jenkins BCETS, CWP
There work with the UN is proof enough. They have produced and given multi millions of dollars to the people of the world. There music is a reflection.
Amy Carzo
All of U2 (Bono especially) continues to raise awareness of those in Africa that are dying because they don't have their basic needs met. Bono has used his fame to meet with world leaders, ask individuals to contact their government to raise awareness and create change, and inspired millions around the world with their songs of peace and love.
teri graham
& U2 - Bono has been committed to helping people before it was fashionable. Lots of celebrities have suddenly discovered Africa but Bono was there back in the 80s and U2 has always had a social vision reflected in their music. They've been consistent.
trudy weinstock
Bono/U2 - He has spear headed so many causes
Bill Fornaro
his humanitarian work all over the world
emma SOSA
Dina Conner
Bono has tirelessly campaigned for human rights his entire career and to abolish hunger in the world, particularly in Africa. Also, he and U2 have written some of the most timeless, beautiful, meaningful music in history.
L. Cullen
U2's unprecedented impact on world politics and universal human rights: U2 is the most influential band/musician because they make the most tangible international historic impact regarding issues such as human rights, world peace, and AIDS. They continuously influence the masses with their impassioned music and go above and beyond by directly affecting public policies. In short, U2 is the PBS of music. They are there for the public good and bring profound truths to the masses.
Anne Carey
Puts politics aside, puts his money where his mouth is and uses his celebrity the best way possible.
Richard Cunningham
To be recognized as a humanitarian as a Rock Star means Bono / U2 has set a standard for future artist to attain, and to emulate the genuine care and passion for humanity that they exemplifies.