Barbara Weiss
Their musical innovation and use of instrumments, stereo channels, melody is unparalleled. Everyone tries to copy them from Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Greenday, Jet, etc.
Kathleen Stewart
Instinctively, in your soul you just knew by listening and watching they were like a voice crying out from the wilderness,the voice of 4 young, hugely talented lads from across the pond that captured the hearts and minds of a generation of young Americans-- coming of age at a time of much social and political upheaval and violence-- who simply yearned to improve upon the status quo and change the world for the better...The Beatles were truly a (British) "invastion" of the best kind.
caroline molyneux
The beatles are enjoyed by so many generations.
Guy Vann
Defined Rock & Roll while introducing freedom from strict musical formulas and blending the best of the history of music in their songs/
Valery Oisteanu
John Lenon was a revolutionary!
Yvette Allen-Janis
The Beatles changed not only the way of music during the 1960s, but they way of living/life. At a time when civil rights as well as the Vietnam war were abouts, they wrote, played, sang and spoke up about everything, in my opinion. I was a little girl at that time but remember it like it was "Yesterday." I do think the top five nominees are right on target, but it was truly very difficult to make my decision. Thanx much for the opportunity, PBS!
Xia Martinez
As so often stated, The Beatles were the young, talking to the young.The world in it's onimous state needed a magical lift! The attitude, physical appearence, and music, made airwaves to the moon and back. People in my life who were not fond of The Beteales in the sixties, are now listening to the happy, carefree notes of joy! If it weren't for rock & roll, how would the music of that time survive the duldrum of the world? They are the only band to be sent into space by NASA!!!! Thank you!
Lee Allen
The Beatles had the most influence on young people then anyone in the world at the time. The Beatles defined the style, ideas, and the whole concept of the 1960s. The Beatles created a craze that had never been seen and will never be sen again.
jon silbermann
the beatles and the sixties was one of the greatest marriages of all time. The sixties fed the beatles and the beatles returned the favor.The sixties was a momentous change in the way Western world operated and the beatles celebrated it with music both creative,touching and with an energy that touched that part of the human makeup that cannot be adequetly described. I guess you'd call it the soul.Or sole.
Kathy Robinson
The words, harmony and music were out of this world. Inspirational, lyrical, they changed my life. And, they were cute.
margie davis
there are not enough words to explain why.
Nancy Carrington
Created a new era in music that continues to move fans 50 years later.
Diane Wright
Timeless melodies, intricate harmonies and four of the best male singers ever!
Steven Baron
The Beatles were a force that imparted new ideas on a culture that was ready to accept and integrate them. Each new achievement by the band served as the springboard for even greater ones. In the span of five years from "Love Me Do" to "Sergeant Pepper" the Beatles created a musical and cultural leap that was unprecedented in popular music. To appreciate the incredible impact of the group only one question need be asked: what would the world be like if John Lennon had not met Paul McCartney?
susan laporta
no matter what age, even the 5 years old i teach have heard of the beatles... their ever changing music appeals to all.. whenever i hear a beatle song i am instantly transported to ahh!
Diana Grace
they brought refreshing and brilliant music to a country that was still suffering from the murder of JFK.
Mary Van Holt
Thery revolutionized music and got a message across. Much of their music also made one think about how things where and how they could be. Other peoples ways were also brought in.
Michael Maiello
Most bands that I know during or post beatles say that the fab four had a large impact on them getting into music or how they viewed music. Not only that but they have changed how most music is created today. They also inspired a change in the way people think. They made the world a more loving place.
tom schiavo
they totally re-invented the creativity of music at that time, breaking down traditional barriers and creating unheard of sounds. 100% originality !!
Clarissa Marzan
They were an integral part of the antiwar sentiment as well as during the prime of counterculture.
Roberta Schwartz
They changed music, fashion, morals, religion, almost every area of human endeavor.
The Beattles were in part responcible for the early developement of the CT scanner. At their first record company, EMI, one sound enginneer was a PhD student named Houndsfield. The story goes that he had figured out the math to create the first 3D images from xrays. But he needed money to hire engieers to build the thing. So he went to his boss at EMI,was told that the extra cash belonged to this hot new band- their approval was obtained. The Dr went "Noble". CT saved millions of lives.
Joann Breslin
Wonderful sound, expansive lyrics, and undying wish to write and play their music.
Lawrence mintz
They changed the way people cut their hair, dressed, brought awareness of the importance of love and the horror of hate. They created music that will be around for centuries.
Paul D. Mertz
Although Bob Dylan's lyrics were (and still are) the most meaningful and earth-shattering words that I have ever heard, The Beatles not only had the lyrics to change music and the world, but they also had the music,the charisma,the power,etc. Beatlemania! It was ans is very real. Beyond these two artists, I see no other possible choice over the last 100 years.
Kathleen Hill
Life changed for me the first time I heard "Rubber Soul." I knew that I was hearing someing so new and revolutionary that music would change dramatically. There would be no going back. The questions was, were other groups capable of doing the same kind of work. No one really ever did.
Xiiomara Paredes
When the Mambo from Cuba was getting popular around the world, especially in north America, The Beatles showed up and changed everybody's interest in mambo or any other exotic music. Rock n' roll took over the world!...and the Beatles did it.
Hilma Dragan
The Beatles created so many different types of music, by trying many ways to create new sounds for each of their songs. It was never boring, always new and different, and always rocked your socks off. From love songs, to crazy lyrics and melodees, to encouraging young and old to strive for Peace and Love. They were IT.
Suzanne Sepe
Without a doubt. As a 51 year old woman, both me, my 5 siblings, everyone I know and my daughter and her friends-as well as my parents-were effected and affected by their rise and fall and all the music in between and since then. We all never tire of all the different staqes of their art. Beatles forever!
Ngaere Baxter
Their acceptance of multiple cultural influences, their message of peace, their courage to be in the spotlight and motivate young people to think for themselves... and... music so good it validated their words, and still today has a commanding effect on people not yet born when they wrote it. There were slip-ups, inevitable conflicts, and their talents may have been lucky genetics, but by choice they were unpretentious, honest, loyal, perfectionist, hardworking, generous, and fun.
Madeline Egan
They and their beautiful music is enjoyed even today after all these years. Their music will never have an ending. It will go on and on forever.
kerry kennedy FLYNN
Nothing was the same after the Beatles. The music of the Beatles has been the absolute soundtrack of my life. I anxiously awaited the release of each album, and played it until the grooves were gone. Melodic, orchestral, layered, socially conscious, relevant, mind-blowing. The music of my life.
Michele Grazul
The Beatles..they did for a generation what Elvis did in the previous one by creating a genre of music that is timeless. Because of their music and fame, The Beatles were able to express political/social views of a generation on a worldwide stage--calling for peace during a time when the world was in turmoil.
Susan Fischer-Diaz
Because they changed not only the way I think, they changed the way an entire generation thought....
Nancy Karp
The appeal is universal. The musicianship was great, every little nuance carefully placed. Always evolving and adding new sounds, the music makes people feel good.
naomi gukowsky
Their original music was timely and changed and changed everything. I also loved their love songs.
marcie agee
their music is timeless; i learned to love it when it was new and my kids are enjoying it now, it speaks to all of us no matter our age or nationality.
Aileen Torres Martin
Because my parents were immigrants with little exposure to English in their country, both of them began to informally learn English as a 2nd language their jobs, friends and music. To prepare us for preschool, they taught us several rhymes & nursery songs in Spanish. They didn't know the English version Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Instead they taught us their own Spanglish versions of several Beatles songs. The Beatles represent my earliest connection to "American" culture and to rock music!
Aileen Torres Martin
Because my parents were immigrants with little exposure to English in their country, both of them began to informally learn English as a 2nd language their jobs, friends and music. To prepare us for preschool, they taught us several rhymes & nursery songs in Spanish. They didn't know the English version Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Instead they taught us their own Spanglish versions of several Beatles songs. The Beatles represent my earliest connection to "American" culture and to rock music!
elliot krusch
millions of screaming girls and millions of singing boys...all peaceful
Judi Bolanos
They were my first concert ever, and I was 15 at the time.It was the first time I was allowed to venture out in the world with my friends, and because of The Beatles, I never looked back. The whole world knew The Beatles, and their work was upbeat and full of love. Ringo was my first true love - I wasn't interested in boys until then, and I would have done anything to be with him. He brought me from tomboy to teenage girl with a crush. Thank you! Beatles forever!
Isabel Sena
It is impossible to say who the most influential artist is, but in the 20th century, I would have to say The Beatles. Unless it were the one or two musicians who started jazz in the early 20th century. They were amazing, gifted, imaginative, and jazz (with blues) spawns rock n' roll!
Barbara Liebowitz
I have been a fan since 1963 they are exciting,and always finding new ays to reinvent themselves,they are very down to earth
mark vales
changed dress,style,and rock&roll
Daniele Dugre-Martin
they changed the way we dressed, wore our hair and paved the way for many, many bands that also came to influence our lives. They came to define the era and the politics.
Elise Morris
The music of the Beatles was direct and ingenious, rewriting the future of popular music. As a classical pianist, as a child I listened to classical music exclusively and imagined I would do that as an adult. Then I heard the Beatles and my life as a songwriter was born. I never looked back!
David Spiel
Joan Baez once said;“Bob(Dylan) will deny it but the day after he met The Beatles he bought an electric guitar.”The Beatles changed the culture of our times & made it obligatory for musicians to write their own music.This also put an end to the professional songwriter. As the generation before us grew up with the great American songbook, The Beatles sang the soundtrack of our lives. Their message of peace and love still resonates.Their music & message is as timeless as any popular music can be
Carl Maltzman
The Beatles changed our culture, and had a huge impact in the non-English speaking world, too.
Janet Shannon
... & John Lennon - The Beatles heralded the advent of youth culture, popularization of Eastern philosphy and religion in the West and the replacement of the nuclear family by social networks.
Edward Bellavigna
Rita Twomley
Realizing it or not the Beatles sent messages of truth, hope, love and told exactly how they felt about life and events that were going on in their era. They were a very controversial band, but extremely honest. The government wanted to silence them especially John Lennon. Their songs lyrics hold true to this very day. And it is amazing how their songs are very popular still. Their music is timeless, every generation from the time they were together to the present still sing their songs.
elinor Rittenberg
It was a new kind of music in that it was contemporary for the times.
Maryann Fasolino
The Beatles were the first successful band from England to enter the United States. Their music has lived on since we first heard their magnificent music and incredible voices on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. They were extremely influential on all of the musicians and bands who followed them. The Beatles will live forever.
Laura Koestler
Their musical influence has spanned generations.
Jon Lyon
Brilliant writers. Brilliant music that progressed with each release. They arrived at one of the more propitous times when changes(for the better) in lifestyles, civil and women's rights were occuring. Their music perfectly complemented the social shifts.
Barbara Pabon
Their music, their attitudes, their style, their ability to be effortlessly a step ahead of the world at a time of great change sets them apart from all others. Something about the Beatles and their music in very unique and will live on through the generations, as Mozart and Beathoven have before them.
Ralph Salomon
I'm hardly alone in this, but for me the Beatles awoke in me a new awareness of the power of music. I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Second choice is Joni Mitchell. With her I traveled and soared; laughed and cried. She is perhaps the first and still the only musician whose lyrics are as important as the music. The Beatles affected my way of being. Joni touched my soul.
Jack Freudenheim
Changed the landscape of music, and made it that popular songs could be about things other than love or novelty topics.
Don Mulvaney
Being a musician myself, it is impossible to pick just one. There are so many - The Beatles message of Love, Peace and Imagine... I must say that Bartok, Ellington, Dylan, Stevie, Joni, Bird, Stravinsky and Mulvaney influence me as well...
jeffrey brown
If you lived it as a child, and then became a trained musician, it is actually overwhelming and beautiful. They were allowed to change over time, to deepen, darken, and come out the other side. I just heard Lennon's "Dear Prudence" on the radio. Beautiful, slightly haunting. And only 4 years earlier it was "I Want to Hold Your Hand"....How Did They do it? I always ask myself this...
Al Politowski
Unquestionably the most influential band ever. They changed the sound of popular music and they became a worldwide phenomenon. They were masters of different musical styles and are almost as popular today then they were in their heyday 40 years ago.
Richard Manley
Two months after the assassination of President Kennedy--a sad, scary time for 13 year-olds like me--the Beatles came to America, bringing fun, cheekiness, intelligence, and belief in the power of music to transform the then dreary landscape. When George Harrison wrote "Here Comes the Sun" years later, he might well have been writing about the four boys who lit and warmed the winter of 1964. No one inspired the baby boomers more than The Beatles. They gave us hope.
Richard Wierzbicki
Because they started the Rock n Roll invasion of the 60's. There music influenced so many other artist to come after them. They were truly a band ahead of there time. There music has been played all over the world and they have sold more records that any other band in the world.
charlene kohler-britton
There were so many amzing folk singers that I think changed MY world; but it was the Beatles that I believe led the way for aa truly new way of thinking about the world on so many levels. The political, social, educational and pycho-social and religious world were all impacted by the unique and accessible to all, music. It was truly music that touched everyone in a significant and memorable way.
ron monteleone
when a whole world seemed like it was on the threshold of total anarchy after president Kennedy's assassination, and a whole national was in a deep depression over it, the beatles came along and lifted the world's spirits and made the world safe to smile again and feel good about something and give a voice to a new younger generation that Kennedy promised to give but was never able to fulfill.
sharon k.
"Imagine"and Paul McCartney's songs/writing
Kris Gusciora
The sang about what we felt, what we thought, what we hoped to do and how love could change everyone one of us. The world was fun with them in it !
Randy Sporn
who else is there???????????????? no one comes close
Charline Glowitz
The Beatles introduced a whole new genre of music. They wrote their own lyrics, composed in different musical styles, and defined an entire generation. Their music continues to reach younger generations. Whether played as instrumentals by a wide variety of artists; including classical ones, or in their original form, performed by the 4 Liverpudlians, the music holds up even 40 years later. Only one musical ensemble has accomplished this severally and individually. The Beatles!
Ryan Lydon
The Beatles took music from Girl Groups and Motown, to Pop Rock and everything in between. The songs are absolutely timeless, and we would be generations behind on music had they not come along. The Beatles opened not only all Musical possiblities, but all Artistic possiblities.
Larry Fishman
They influenced the world.
Pam Pieroni
The Beatles were....I mean ARE....popular because of the timelessness of their music. Always a step ahead and experimenting with new sounds, these are the greatest musicians of any century because of their unique influence on all musical styles.
Darren DeVivo
The Beatles completely changed the course of music, steering it in directions that are still being explored today. Their influence also went way beyond just music as it effected the world as a whole. I could go on and on on how society, politics, the art world as a whole, etc. were all touched by the Beatles influence.
eric schwartz
I also hate to join the rush, but feel that when you look back at both the incredible hysteria that they created when they performed on the Ed Sullivan show in teh 60's, and the longevity that kept them as one of the most admired group of musicians over a continuous period of almost 50 years,it is clear that there influence has been phenomonal.
Jill Padua
From the beginning, they shaped the world with teir music.
Lawrence Tabat
This is really hard. There are several good choices (Dylan, Seeger, Baez, etc.). However, the Beatles are the ones that opened me up to rock and roll and lead me and many others to immerse ourselves in all the varieties of the music.
Bruce Hoffmann
I think that the Beatlesw bridged the generation gap and brought people together of many different ages and cultures.
Joan Capp
Their music and artistry span so many different formats.
Dennis Kager
I firmly feel the Beatles did the most influencing. Aside from the fact that they "penetrated" various "non-democratic" nations, they had as astound personal impact on the way people behave. Personally, they made me part of the way I am today. Yes, I am very serious about things (in general), but have definetly inherited their sense of humor and/or sarcasm. They showed with their wit that they could deflect directed shots, questions, and other subjects which are "uneasy" to discuss.
Dory Anne DeMille
Their music was SO influential, challenging, provoking. They were accessible to everyone.
Karen Mendelsohn
I believe The Beatles have already spanned generations and will last across many more generations. The music is inspiring and versatile.
Laurence Valeros
Their songs inspires to change to a better world.
KB Haines
Because their music is timeless and varied.
Alka Gupta
The Beatles - John, Ringo, George and Paul - need I say more?
thomas Coady
Brought about a whole new way of looking at politics, love, relationships, and everything.
Valeros Larry
Their songs was more powerful than an atomic "bomb" !
Rick De Heer
They not only changed music, they had an impact on a generation and the decade of the 1960's.
Eric Matlin
They changed the tone of music forever. No one has been able to duplicate what they did.
Susan Raasch-O'Brien
The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles. They influenced: pop culture, music, fashion, art, film, advertising, the peace movement, Elvis, Bob Dylan... pretty much everyone and everything. Mozart, J. S. Bach & Beethoven were cool too.
Karen Derryberry
I was 13 and they emerged at the same time as my adolesence. Each phase of their career effected my tastes, beliefs, fashion, speach, haircut, etc.I wore a Mary Quant haircut, white boots, hippie clothes, ironed staight hair, round glasses, smoked like a fiend, drank rum and cokes, and added English slang into my vocabulary.
Stephanie McAllister
Changed music forever.
Frank Anton Jr.
The Beatles changed the course of rock n roll music and allowed for the introduction of many different musical influences.
Barbara Ceravole
They changed the whole concept of Rock & Roll...and their work is still loved today by millions of people. I can remember seeing them for the 1st time on the Ed Sullivan Show...it was fabulous~!
Bob Siegal
There tremendous talent was a force to be reckoned with!! Revelotion, All You Need Is Love, etc. They changed the concious of the people and tore down old stereotypes....
David Ezra
They changed the course of rock music
david friehling
everything they did affected worldwide youth and adults!
Ida Langsam
They were the first band to be universally loved for their music, their style, their spirit and image. Regardless of differences in language, religion, gender or nationality, fans were touched by this band like no one before, and no one since. And here we are, 45 years later, and The Beatles continue to be influential. Who can compare to that??
Linda Bolton
The perfect storm of timing...moving from an oppressed 50s to turbulent 60s, the Civil Rights movement, the sexual revolution, women's liberation, Vietnam, free love...and the Beatles provided much of the soundtrack for the era. Very difficult choice, but they were a major influence with me, and still remain so in 2010. Give me a Beatles song any day...still as relevant today as they were then.
Anthony Falzarano
We all know why. The music! John, Paul George & Ringo sounded fresh & exciting. Their melodies & lyrics inspired us to listen & make music of our own. They inspired a life style promoting peace and love...the entire Hippie movement would not have occurred without the Beatles...their long hair style was adopted by, and became a symbol of, a new generation that wanted to change the world...their profound influence cannot be measured. They changed the world by getting us to change the world.
Ruben Branco
Could name a lot of things, but one stands out: They stood for PEACE, not only with songs, but also with actions.
Lucy Muller
The Beatles proved that poor, ordinary boys could become talented, creative artists. They also brought happiness to many, many millions for generations.
Nancy Kennedy
I believe that The Beatles had the most profound influence on popular music than any other artist or artists. There are many, many extremely important names in the music world, but the Fab Four stand high above the rest in terms of influence. Theirs was a world-wide mania--the likes that had not really been seen before. Their music is a part of all of us who grew up with them. I love them so much. The Beatles are the soundtrack of my life.
Cathy Yesenosky
They changed the entire world of music and their influence has survived mhe ultiple generations
Denise Roccia
They changed the world and changed music.
Monica Lemkowitz
No other band has had as far reaching influence both musically and socially than The Beatles. They are so much more than their music.
George Torres
They wrote and sang for all of us.
carol bernstein
where ever they went, the world followed...in music, clothing styles, on religious paths, voicing concern for political freedoms...they changed the face of my generation and all of the ones that came after
Stephen Joyce
Ask Me Why Because Something In My Life Yesterday, With A Little Help From My Friends I Should Have Know Better If I Fell There's a Place Here, There & Everywhere All You Need Is Love. I Want To Tell You We Can Work It Out Every Little Thing When I Get Home. It Won't Be Long I'll Get You, I Will I Need You Got To Get You Into My Life. Please, Please Me Come Together We Can Work It Out I Want To Hold Your Hand Eight Days A Week Across the Universe. Tomorrow Never Knows The Long & Wind Road
Michele Hush
In the 1960s, they gave young people all over the world the sense that they were part of one culture.
Kevin Mullen
Because from the very beginning,they wrote about what was happening at that very moment,in a way that,those who really listened, could understand exactly what the Fab Four was trying to get across.They sang high,they sang low,soft and load,angry and with control. They definetly explained in their own words,what a crazy,great,messed up,beautiful world we all live. And the one thing about their music,that seemed unanimous,was whenever you listened to an album,you always wondered,what next.
Eric Helgesen
They smashed convention and the Kreml must have had a hard time keeping the group from the public. They were likeable, regardless of where you were from. Their music took hold of the generation as the generation took hold of their music. As the book "The Gospel according to the Beatles" relates, their message, although not forced, was about freedom to be the best you could be, love and also eventually Peace. How could the Kremlin sell their repressive system to a new awakening generation?
Linda LaRocca
They changed the music industry and managed to cross cultures, age groups and political boundaries.
sam beim
There wasnt and never will be anyone you can mention in the same breath with the Beatles. Just look at the 60's how their message for peace exploded all over the world. Demonstrations all over the world. Because the beatles were so talented, people loved their songs and had millions of fans,and more number 1 hits, their message went along way to say the least.Every song after the early 60 Beatles, had a powerful meaning. Listen to their lyrics, it's amazing. They were way ahead of their time.
Laurence Valeros
Their music "change" the world
Emily Chan
They made writing their own music the norm, and they collaborated with other musicians. Also, they were visible spokepeople and proponents of peace.
Rick Albert
The Beatles music changed the entire complection of the world with their music, each album they made captured another time period, with each new record, the worlds music would change. Not only did they do it once, they changed the world with each record they made. They also broke down the walls between the iron curtain. The Beatles were, and possibly still are the only thing that all of the world had in agreement, everyone loved The Beatles
Jorge caicedo
their music gave a new wave to rock and some alternative .
David Leedy
They just changed everything. What else can you say.
Carole Vanderhyde
everything about the sixties represents change and the beatles changed musical direction. they reflected the discontent, youth, politics, and culture of the times.
Yvonne Albino
They changed the world.
Glenda Lilling
The Beatles influenced many of todays artist. They have the best songwriters Paul Mccartney & John Lennon. Also George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
Vandenberghe Raphaël
They had their influence, for hairdressing, clothes fashion for men, spreading the word of love, for technical recording , for composing their own songs, pointed out the fragility of recording contracts, politically with the peace & love" message.Prove for all this is the respect they still receive..
jennifer alvarez
They are my all-time favorite musicians. Their music is so appealing to all people all around the world because it is so great. They advocated peace and changed the course of history in the U.S., the Soviet Union, and thus worldwide.
carol ferri
They broke every cultural barrier and spoke to the whole world, on so many levels, both as artists and ambassadors. Plus they were so original and inventive with their constantly evolving musical style, as well as their compelling lyrics! They changed us as individuals, and as a society. There has been no one quite like them to fill the void.
walter garcia
people of all ages know there songs. they changed the way you listen to the music. records became an art form
I think that they are timeless.
Paul Austin
Their music still sounds fresh, it's broken down barriers over and over, it has survived scaldal (read Lennon and the bible belt) after scandal (for years it seemed the establishment wanted to paint The Beatles as druggies, yet their music has transended that)Their lecacy survives and thrives because it is well writen, technically inovative well executed music. Additionally there as so many layers to their music, theres always another layer to discover even after listening for years (decades!!)
Susan Pinch
The Beatles not only revolutionized the music world forever by pushing the boundaries of rock, they were also pioneers for social change. Their views on war, religion, drug use etc. caused so many people to reflect on important issues of the times. Even the clothes they wore inspired the fashion world. They were so much more than just a rock band...they were an important brick in the foundation of modern times. And they are still just as inspirational and necessary as they were in the sixties.
Janice Carlin
First, of course, is the music that grew and changed and took us to new and exciting places. But these were four young men who espoused world peace, love and world wide unity and inspired not only one generation,but all that have followed. Where they led, we gladly followed and it made our lives more vibrant, creative and alive. The whole world followed them,and we were all better off for it. They each grew into men of great integrity who sought to make the world a better place.
John Link
They touched so many people on so many levels for so many years. For me the most important thing is how they combined Spirituality in their art in regards to their Psychedelic awakening...which relates to lots of Shamanic issues. Incredible.
Bruce Lawton
They were quite simply the very best and have NEVER been equaled, Their artistry, imagination and craftsmanship was of the highest possible standard. We'll not see their like again.
John Specchio
Were influenced by all formal great masters of music and created the vision and influence for all future great masters of music.
Darlene Black
They changed the entire landscape of music in the 1960's. From their hair cuts to the way they dressed (who didn't love their collar-less suits?) to the haromoies and the fact that they wrote thier own music. It goes deeper than that, those are just a few of the highlights. The Beatles are also very infuential to countless musicians from the beginning of Beatlemania on. Almost any musician will tell you that they were influenced by them. This includes almost every genre across he spetrum.
Sean Nichols
The fact that they are still influential enough thotop the charts, have books written about them, TV shows etc, 40 years after they ceased to exist as unit says it all
Manuel Borja
Because they were and are the most influential act of the artists of their generation and beyond
Bonnie Stobierski
They brought new sound and methods of recording to music....their music has reached millions on such personal levels...their music did and will continue to reach generations to come!
Larry Johnson
They changed music, culture, the arts, society, songwriting, clothes, hair, singing, musicianship, production, and had fun leading us on a great journey. Very positive influence. P.S. They never lied to us.
Toby Henry
At first, their self-written music and guitar skills kept rock and roll from becoming a lame offshoot of "vocal pop." Later, with albums like Sgt. Pepper, they would elevate it into a true art form. They were far more than rockers like their UK contemporaries, i.e. The Stones and The Who; they were true cultural innovators and paradigm-changers like Beethoven, Salvador Dali and Picasso. They marked the first time that the news world actually cared about what rock performers believed politically.
Stephen Emmett
They changed the face of popular music.In every erea of music there influence is still felt and they left behind many clasic songs which will remain as standards
Vickie Schall
No other group or single musician has ever caused a worldwide following as The Beatles did, past, present and future. Their songs are timeless and have continued to fascinate & entertain everyone troughout the ages. No other group or one single performer has or will ever have the same following that The Beatles had & continue to have. I have never heard of any other performers that are in children's history books at school. The Beatles are unsurpassed. No one else will ever achieve this.
James Watson
Most important composers, performers, and cultural icons in history. They started an entire generation of "garage bands" that continue to contribute to the music of today.
Nicholas Maione
There influence is still being felt today and is incredibly far ranging. Art, Music, Sociology, commerce, even politics. Few, if any, other artists have maintained such potency over such a long and turbulent period.
Jack Beels
If I had only one choice of music to live with on a deert island it would be the Beatles. Timeless melodies, wonderful lyrics, the best songs ever written for all.
Don Birnesser
The band changed the way we look at the world,including fashion and hair styles, and became the background music of our lives in the 1960s. The Beatles acheived a worldwide music presence that has not been repeated. They inpsired many other music artists to begin careers, which may have not happened otherwise. Finally, their music has endured the the test of time and remains relevant today.
Patrick Dell'Italia
They spoke to and touched the hearts and minds of the 60's generation,.!!! They still have us captured.There were others who were wonderful, Joan Baez, Peter, Paul, and Mary,Bob Dylan !!!
Matthew Stoker
The Beatles changed rock into a "write your own songs" genre. They had three extremely gifted songwriters in the vessel of one prolific band. If one wanted to split up popular music into two categories pre-Beatles and post-Beatles would be an accurate way to do so, because in their 7 year run pop music was transformed. This goes without mentioning how they defied conventions and put would-be hits on albums bringing about the era of the album as opposed to the single. They are still relevant.
Barbara Rappaport
They went from teen heart throbs to owning the '60's. They matured and took the world with them. Innovative...out of the box. Embraced all styles. Taking standards like "Til There Was You" and bringing freshness to it without taking away from the orginal. Music, movies, animated features. It was and still is theirs! Beatles, Rock!
Kevin Minahan
Wrote most of their recorded material.Revolutionized recording technolgies, instrumentation, fashion, hair-styles and consistently grew and moved forward with the times. Were imitated by countless bands.
Robert McKay
No other artist displayed the combination of musical talents that caused The Beatles to have the profound impact on history that they had and continue to have,especially given their brief period together.Their talents spanned every facet of musical production,and excelled at each,including:creating an unparalled range and variety of music;lyrics from simple love songs to spiritual profundity;recordings and performances with astounding harmony that are loved by every age group even to this day.
Lindsay Miller
Modern music has definitely been shaped by the unique and innovative sound of The Beatles - there is hardly a rock band out there that can't list The Beatles as an influence on their sound. Plus, unlike many pop groups, their music has been able to withstand the test of time.
I think we all know!!!!
After Them, the popular music was considered to be "ART" by Capital Letters.
Dan Sweeney
They were insanely popular when thye were around. They continue to sell well and gain new fans everyday.
Patrick Cullen
Because they were the greatest band of all time. The greatest songwriters (Lennon-McCartney and Harrison)of all time. The most influential group of all time. No other band comes close. All of their songs are timeless. There will never be another group like them.
RJ Araneta
They brought life, joy and energy to an otherwise oppressed society. Most of their songs have a positive message, a lot of it is about love!
Leslie Healy
The Beatles Changed The World They woke up a generation Taught us She Loves You, Please Please Me The Long and Winding Road that leads to All You Need is Love. I was 14 in 64; just right to GET IT; at 17 Sgt Pepper called - She's Leaving Home; made my pilgrimage to England to meet The Fab Four... it was a life changing experience to be in Swinging London in the Summer of Love... I stayed in the UK for 14 years, finally returned to the US and have a passion for The Beatles ever since.
Ejay Clark
All You Need is Love, Let It Be, etc, etc, etc
LJ Murphy
The Beatles' influence is so pervasive that limit of 500 characters makes this exercise a true challenge. The Beatles mocked and infuriated the forces of the status quo in a way that was absolutely irresistable to a generation of young people who questioned the suffocating conformity and authority of the post-WWII society. The fact that they still rank high in popularity polls conducted with today's teens serves to underscore their remarkable influence and staying power.
Clint Bahr
Stephen Fisch
Many is the person who picked up their first musical instruments, began writing music, became music enthusiasts, altered their hair styles, wore different clothing, sought different ways to expand their minds, drifted away from shyness into an active social life, learned to respect fellow human beings no matter what their backgrounds were, became politically active and/or ecologically conscious, got married, had children and passed on the values that they learned from The Beatles and their music
James Swain
A group that had so much creativity with their lyrics and the flow of their sound was captivating.
suzanne siegel
Their music is still tops and they wrote real music with words and melodies!!! It will live forever.
Steven Budnick
They came into the world at a time of big changes with communications, politics, war, unrest with government.
They were able to use these formats to explode their music and feelings on the current events.
Their timing was perfect. Their music used the feelings,realities and fantacies to create hit after hit.
No other band has come close!
Phil Macri
They completely changed the musical landscape. Look at their worldwide appeal, record sales, number one records, influential albums. They were and still are the best group of all time.
Cathy LaBruno
This needs no answer
bob keller
took rock into never before seen avenues of sophistication and concept.
Charles Cristella
Their music crosses language barriers, age and cultures.
Michelle Bergin
The Beatles knocked down barriers and brought people together. They inspired a generation from around the world.
Rosa Zamora
John Lennon and Paul McCartney's compositions were brilliant. Together they composed and performed music that I have and will continue to enjoy in my lifetime. Their music was always fun and generally filled with sweet and innocent phrases. I loved the Beatles!
Jacob Piccioni
The Beatles are influential because they inspired many people to play instruments, including me, and taught the world about peace and love.
Janice Jennings
They explored music avenues that no one would have imagined. Took rock music to another level over and over again.
Eric Aragon
The most influential artists ever. Period.
Jeffrey Archer
Culturally and musically no one else comes close.
Robin Hallum-Goldsmith
They changed EVERYTHING (artistically, socially, politically, musically, spiritually) & nothing has been the same since. They are still held with an almost universal respect and affection (case in point: the last Grammy awards show, everyone who came up on stage to accept an award was absolutely giddy because they were in such close proximity to Paul McCartney - from Coldplay to Sugarland). No one or nothing has even remotely come close to their influence before or since.
Michael D'Aiuto
In their active years as a band they changed or helped define world culture and music for the better. We still feel and hear their effects to this day, every day, 40s year after their last recording. They were and still are magic to the ears. They are the best!
Janice Bartel
Their music changed rock and roll 4 ever, and introduced us to the british invasion.
Maria Luque
They changed the world, they brought upon a revolution- the british invasion, they made the world fall in love with them. For once, the young all believed in something, the future was theirs! Thanks to the Beatles.
Bob Schatz
Hands down, the Beatles, more so then any other musician or musicians in history, have had the greatest influence on music, politics, fashion, and all facets of society.
Rebekah Dodson
It's obvious isn't it?
Allison Fox
From my children, Katie and Julian Fox, age 9:
We pick the Beatles because they had good knowledge, they were funny and very cheerful. They wanted people to be happy and believed in hope and peace.
Jennfier Poteet
You can hear The Beatles influence in the music of so many artists: Harrison's guitar -playing style,for instance...the loops and tricks the Beatles invented...I could go on and on.
If we hadn't had the Beatles, we'd have heard a lot more Pat Boone (thank goodness they came along and saved us)!
Brenda Lambert
They changed the musical era, to a more open minded sense of direction music took hold!
Victoria Bugbee
The Beatles changed everything - music, hair, clothes, mores, education, art, politics and the world. I think of 1960 and the world was one way, then 1963 the Beatles hit America and the walls that kept us all confined broke down.
Marla Scott
When young people today are singing their songs from the 60's...you know The Beatles have influenced past, present, and no doubt, future generations. They're simply timeless.
Beth Knowlton
They changed the whole music scene and promoted peace and love.
cynthia richard
they changed the world and continue to...
Rudolph D'Agostino
They believed in change and everyone followed them.
Cornell Christianson
Led the peace movement, opened the Iron Curtain, challenged people to be better.
Diane Donnelly
The Beatles changed everything.
Ellen Krauss
The Beatles really were the spokes people for our generation. Their politics and intentions were more widely recognized and embraced than other muscians including the folk artists. The Beatles were the most influential.
Marilyn O'Connell
Came along at a time when new sounds were needed; new direction of music was needed; and they influenced the world's music.
John Gaudio
The Beatles are the most influential band because no other band has spread so much happiness and peace through their music. No other artist has either evolved nearly as much as The Beatles in only about 7 years since their first album to the last. From pop rock, to psychadelic rock, no matter what genre they played, their music is universal.
Joanne Ratner
It changed the way we dressed, looked and thought of British music. If it wasn't for the Beatles we wouldn't have the Stones, Who, Eric Clapton, etc.
paul jellinek
With the release of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," the Beatles set the entire baby-boom generation free--not just in the USSR, but right here in the US and around the world. Forty-five years later, we are still feeling the after-shock!
Ana Rivera
The Beatles influenced the pop music world as a whole, with lyrics, melodies, and aspirations to promote peace in the world.
Terry Sanders
Originality, depth, energy.
Theresa Funaro
The group spread love, understanding, and peace throughout the world, interwoven in melodic harmonies and a sense of amusement about the world.
Sybil Kollar
It was because of this group that the Berlin Wall came down.
Virginia Maita
There is no question in my mind that The Beatles had the MOST profound impact on history.
rosalyn newdow
everything from the music to the hair to the clothes--not since Sinatra has there been such adulation (maybe Elvis) but the Beatles, I think, win.
Kathleen Carlson
Promotion of peace and love that is timeless
Helene Clark
While Elvis Presley started the ball rolling, his music was on one level.

The Beatles music, however, never ceased to flow through the soul. It was instantaneous mesmerism. the 20th century's a vocal Hieronymus Bosch, spell-binding constant beat that coarsed through your blood and erupted under your skin. Often copied, never equaled. At the age of 66, the reaction is still there.
Dennis DiLorenzo
Because the world grew with them. From cute pop songs to experimental music, to pure musical craftsmen they represented their time with a deference to the past and a vision of the future....musically, politically, fashion-wise, and most importantly humanly. We loved their music, but we loved each of them more. They continue to be discovered and revered, serving as the collective spiritual model for a generation...any generation.
Stephen Berens
They were the most influential group to modify music in the USA in the '60s and '70's
meghan garrity
changed rock n' roll. FOREVER. changed a generations voice. FOREVER. timeless. FOREVER.
Joann Willard
Music really changed when the Beatles came to us. It forced the "older generation" to finally sit up and really take notice of what we were listening to. They may not have liked all they saw and heard, but they definitely knew they had something to reckon with. The younger generation had finally found it's voice and were loudly and clearly voicing it as never before.
Susan E. Davis
Because they helped inspire and activate a whole generation who changed the world.
Neal Riordan
They just didn't have young fans when they burst on the scene,they affected generations.I like many people became a musician,and hoped to make a living doing so.The Beatles touched billions of people and still continue to add to that.
Catherine Sansone
torn down the iron curtain
Anna Schapiro
Their music and their attitude changed the world for the better.
David White
During my lifetime,the last 64 years,no individual or group has been close to the Beatles in quantity of melodic song construction.While together,the quality and intricacy of their compositions and execution of same grew in leaps and bounds,never backwards or sideways.The Kremlin was incapable in the late 60s of understanding that "Back in the USSR"had zero political intent and thought it safer to deny its people any exposure to the Beatles
which ultimately they were unable to achieve.
Bobby Sandler
They changed pop music in every way conceivable.They changed the way lyrics were written,
They changed fassion
They changed the way we look.
and in the end, they changed the world.
Denise Daguanno
Because they were the first pop cultural phenomena with true international appeal. Because they took advantage of their ability to capture the attention of the international media to spread Pete Seeger's message of peace to a global audience. Because they did so with a rock beat that spoke to a new generation. Because they showed Americans that there's a whole other world out there. Because they never let fear and ignorance stop them from spreading their message through their music.
Donald Jaffe
I sort of hate to join the rush, but The Beatles are certainly among a small handful of truly globally influential groups. They brought a new kind of singing and made the "long-haired" look acceptable, even loved. The fact that their influence has lasted to the present and we still rush out to buy forty year-old albums that we already own in both LP and CD versions is testimony to the group's continuing influence. The beauty of the lyrics and the quality of the songs speak for themselves.
werner mayer
The most influential band the world over. There music is very memorable either vocally or instrumentallyi Their songs all have universal themes that are understood by several generations.
Susan Hanrahan
Two reasons: On February 8,1964 my mom (already in her 40's) begged me to turn on the Ed Sullivan Show because she wanted me to see what she saw: The Beatles. I was 13 and in love with Fabian and no band from Britain was going to change that until mom put on CBS. Thirty Eight years later my 6 year old nephew had no idea he was listening to a band that became world famous all those years ago as he watched Yellow Submarine. A new generation of Beatlemania was born. Beatlemania 4-ever, indeed.
Pete DeLorenzo
The Beatles touched the lives of so many people worldwide with their Genious of musical writing, recording and performances as well as their versatility.
Both young and old of all generations still enjoy their music. They changed all our lives with messages of Love and Peace and even effected our culture.
There will NEVER be another Beatles! " ALL You Need Is Love " !
Michele Rosa
The Beatles changed and effected so many people Worldwide.
The way we think,dress,styles and even their influence on other Artist's music was all due to the Beatles.
Eric Pettis
The Beatles changed popular music forever. The messages of love are still felt in the world today.
Janice Paik
Changed the face of popular music forever, influenced the visual arts, opened the west to eastern spirituality and philosophy and moved an entire generation both politically and socially.
Lorraine Fontana
They made us realize that "Love is all you need". They were born either during WWII or post war and came from the working class. There were us. They came to America shortly after the Kennedy Assasination when we were searching for something to believe in and took us through Vietnam, the assasinations of King and Bobby Kennedy and still gave us reason to believe that the world was still a good place to be...because "all you need is love". I think they are so popular again for that reason.
Denice Wilson
No band in Popular Music has made such an impact on the world then the Beatles. They managed to penetrate the iron curtain & even countries like China & Japan have felt the impact of this famous quartet. I don't know if they help bring down the iron curtain but at least they made people happy world-wide.
Elissa Zahn
The Beatles changed the face of popular music with their incredibly creative, inventive and original songs. Exquisite melodies like "Norwegian Wood" and "Blackbird" have made their way into elaborate orchestral arrangements and are known all over the world. Their musicianship grew as they got older and their music not only became more complex and creative, it affected political/social change and united a whole generation.
Susan Cohn Gibbons
John Lennon changed the world by making people more aware of what the world could be like if we all put our prejudices aside and looked at people as individuals instead of by their leaders and forms of government, their ethnicity, and the color of their skin. Bob Dylan was also very influential in "The Times they are a Changing", he demonstrated that the American ideal of freedom & liberty for all, was a truth told by the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Dylan was a pioneer.
barbara levitan
where do u start?hair,attitude,clothes,writing their own music,starting a song with the refrain,putting the words of the songs in their albums,screaming in their songs,themed albums,songs that have become standards yea,yea,yea..a little young to remember everything but the beatles took us from the frustrated '50s teens to the hot, sexy and sexual 60's..need i say more-fill in the blanks//,besides that they were gorgeous & hot & fabulous..i'm sure more will come to my mind after i hit submit!!!
Eleanor Layton-Ross
They set the tone for the times and for an entire generation.
Trish Taylor
They were open to influences from every corner of the world, and the whole world opened up to and was influenced by them. They are irresistible.
Merrill Frank
They reinvented rock and roll which at the time was bland. Elvis did his stint in the Army and was forced by his unscruplious manager making bad Hollywood movies. Manufactured teen pop such as Fabian and Frankie Avalon was for the most part filling the air waves.
They came on the scene as four fresh lads who managed to toss the blandness aside while distilling the influences of blues, jazz, classical and Broadway into a form that continues to influence to this day.