sandee van winkle
the nature of their songs and their message
Katharine Flaclk
During the '60's & '70's their songs focused on peace; decades later we are still struggling with this in our world; their songs and lyrics need to ring out again, again, and again -- timeless for the human race.
Deborah Zinn
They participated in anti-war protests and sang songs and fought for civil rights.
Barry Vertal
Over 25 years they sang about the changes we were and needed to go through to maintain our humanity for people around the world and the necessity of that mind set that we are all made the same. They were a major civil rights band, helping many people become color blind.
William Anzick
Their music was inspirational and timeless without being antagonistic. Even after their popularity declined, they continued to promote worthy causes.
Judith Klein
They wrote songs about social conscience. Their music and message was heard and popularized around the world. Mary Travers recently died and this would be a fitting tribute.
Betsy Lograno
They made us think. They made us care.
shelly warren
The opened the eyes and hearts of people, whose eyes and eyes were closed.