Janet Gillespie
A phenomenal vocal artist of great integrity and a tireless fighter for human rights. A great American hero! Perhaps not THE most influential, but he should be remembered by more people in this country!
Marlene Fine
He accomplished so much in College, in Music, on stage, & in other countries to which he traveled when other performers didn't.I saw him & heard him sing in public. Riveting! He persisted until U.S took away his passport. He awakened our consciousnesses to the black-white inequities. He had an exquisite baritone & sang in many languages. He was beautiful as well.
Susan Needles
He stood for social justice, equality, peace. When a crowd threw bricks and rocks at concert goers in Peakskill where he perfomred, my mother was injured. I was a little girl, but I had heard him in concert and on redords, and knew he was a fine, kind and peace-loving man--a little child could tell. He was not what those angry mobs believed.
Douglas Hart
He was an amazing performer, a brilliant speaker, a tireless fighter for human rights, and was outrageously abused by his own country for believing in our own Constitution.
Gilbert Weinstein
he woke all of us to the start of the McCarthy nightmare.
Susan Wool
fought for racial equality, peace, social justice, brought beautiful songs of folk music as well as classical and opera to people around the world.
Deborah Emin
There was never a sound like his before he came along and even more than the sound was the political stand he took. I do not know of any artist of that period who had the same political vista he had and was as discriminated against and isolated because of his ideas. Sound and politics like no one else. He is my choice for the artist who changed at least one person's world view in terms of whether or not art can change the world.
Adrienne May
Paul Robeson was not only a man of multiple talents, but a man of great courage and personal integrity. Paul Robeson supported peace initiatives around the world when it would have been easy to just keep quiet. He developed all of his gifts and shared them in the face of opposition that could have ended his life. Paul Robeson exemplifies changing the world by personal excellance and personal integrity. He totally eclipses those who are only the creators of a musical style.