Gaye Wiesner
interest in animal rights and being a vegan
Maura Lynch
The Beatles came to the U.S. when I was 14-months-old. I finally had the chance to see Sir Paul on July 21, 2009. Hearing his music, from The Beatles to Wings to his solo efforts made me realize that he has been the constant in the pop and rock music of my life. He's a good man too, and that really counts with me!
Richard Garfunkel
He is a transformational musician that was able to change musical appreciation from mindless rock and roll and romantic popular music that was existing on parallel through the era of Bill Hailey and Frank Sinatra. The Beatles were able to survive repitition and create their own music and lyrics. Since then almost all popular music has been dominated, for better or worse, by individuals who sing and write their own message music. His 45 year run is in the same league as Crosby RJ Garfunkel
scott siegel
2 reasons:
Paul showed other artists that they could create their own voice outside of a band, and create a new sound for themselves.
#2 - Longetivity. No other rock n roller has lived long enough and rocked hard enough to still draw in crowds at his age.
Anne Sullivan-Reed
He has grown up in front of the world. He continues to be a creative force that has rocked the world. The depth of his artistry is apparent in his lyrics and musical genius. Let It Be - Hey Jude came from his gift of music. The fact that he has continued to perform at so high a caliber convinces me he deserves great honor.