Teresa Elizondo
Ozomalti is a multi cultural band both among the members and musicaly. They successfully blend funk rock punk rap along with the many different sounds of latin music.
Rene Espinoza
Ozomatli always puts fans first and formost, even though they have recived 3(and counting) grammys, they still have time for fans after their shows. Their music speaks for itself, always uplifting strong and w/ purpose, you can actualy feel the love they put into it at their live shows. They are not part of the "main stream" of music, which makes it feel so personal to all their fans. Its like an awesome secret to know them.
Jiro Yamaguchi
I love them because I'm in the band!! :) Peace
Julio Perez
as a community organizer, they reenergize to do the work i do, each and every day
Rich Wing
They care about la tierra the Earth. They bring awarness to the listners about important issues and invoking change! We need more bands like them that are not afraid to speak up and take action!
Claudia Gonzalez
Ozomatli is by far one of the most versatile and energetic bands I have ever seen and/or heard. I love these guys and all of their amazing rhythms and sounds.
Camila Gamboa
I loved this band from the first time I heard them in college over 10 years. This is the only band that I know that has been able to combine so many types of music/culture/instruments and positive energy. They are aware of world issues and are not afraid to speak out in order to make a change. It is impossible to pigeon hole this band into a certain category. Constantly changing and continually FRESH! BRAVO OZO!
Lisa Pasbjerg
Their ability to mesh outreach, diplomacy, amazing music and thoughtfulness and responsibility - they have taken the word "impact" to a whole new level!
Ruth Valenzuela
Ozomatli's music, which blends an array of sounds from around the world, embodies and promotes the idea that differences can exist in harmony. Their music speaks to all, it is truly universal!
Mimi F.
Ozo touches everyone who experiences them. They transcend all barriers: social, cultural, language, economic, musical style, spiritual, geographic. The crowds in Nepal dance and sway to their sweet beats as joyfully and completely as those do in their "home" of East LA. The members represent a rainbow of humanity and their passion for reaching out and building bridges through music is clearly evident. They change lives one-by-one and by the 1000's. They are a subtle, but unstoppable music force!
clay ives
When you are talking about the most influential bands, you need to look at different styles of music. Ozomatli (with 3 Grammy awards) is not only the most influential Latin band, but they are cultural Ambassadors who travel all over the world playing and teaching and spreading the word and power of music...and the influence music has on culture. They are the most ACTIVE "spreader" of music and its benefits on culture...ALL cultures!!! Plus their music ROCKS!!!
Freddy Weigle
Ozomatli shows how diversity promotes peace and positive change
noelle haro gomez
They sing about social issues. They also embassadors for the United States. They are a very diverse band who embrace all cultures together and bring everyone together.
Amy Latourette
Ozomatli is the perfect example of the face of America today. They have a high level of social consciousness and speak for those who don't have a voice. Beyond that one need only listen to their music...the rhythmns, the beat, the lyrics... to understand. They all reach deep into your heart and speak to your soul because this is what THEY put into their music.
Laura Martinez
Ozomatli are not only amazing musicians/artists but they are a very influential band they are a diverse band that plays positive and uplifting music which is very rare these days. They inspire every one through music.
Mari Martinez-Lazaro
This band is comprised of a diverse group of musicians: Latino based, but,encompass all cultural strains. They represent the future and their music unites all in a positive way.
David Costa
They are influetial because of their fusion of Latin, Rock, Mexican, hip hop, rap, and R n B and their social message
Joseph Ash
Ozomatli IS "UNITY THROUGH MUSIC" Just go to one of their shows and that statement is obvious.
Amy Blackman
they are by, from and of the people in every way. they are completely about being of service to their community and to the world.
Bernard Morris
Simple. Even thought their political views were very different from the previous administration they were still nominiated as our cultural ambassadors. What a profound statement to make that even if i dont agree with you i still would love to dance and have a good time!
Sachiko Yamaguchi
Ozomatli has a great positive attitude, always perform best in front of a live audience. They are incredibly diverse in their music styles mixing hip hop, reggae, Latin, rock and Indian music. Best of all, it is hard not to want to dance to their music.
Meg Fletcher
Ozomatli brought together so many musical influences with their own material. In bringing together different music, they brought people and cultures together as well
Lori Curtis
They have done so much work globally for social justice throughout their history!
Claudia Martinez
their variety of music reaches out to all races of every age
Jose Ortiz
Not only do they break grounds with all ethnicity's, they are not afraid to do different. They make music for the people and make it in a fashionable manner that still represent who they are.
George Spider De Los Santos
Ozo, as some of us know them has been an influential part of our lives. Everything from being a great example of diversity but unity. Talent and the drive to stay strong and keep moving forward.
Eliana Olivarez
I think they are influential because they not only engage communities in their music and performances but also their music covers various social issues and justice. They introduce this with an active and fun personality and work to unite people. Ozomatli has openly opposed the war and other social injustices. They promote anti-racist, multi-racial unity by using music from various cultures and by simply being a multi-racial band themselves.
Adriana Viveros
Their work as cultural ambassadors is the clearest indicator of the level of influence they have all around the world. Their music transends cultural, religious, and language barriers. It doesn't matter what country they go to, their music uplifts the spirit and morale of the people. And that is something that is much needed all around the world.
Robin Diallo
Ozo represents the best of the U.S. - tolerance, diversity and democracy. Ozo has played for audiences around the world and has helped tell America's story. They are the voice of the new America.
Yvonne Hernandez
Ozo crosses cultural barriers and truly represents the cross-section of ethnicities living in the U.S. with their colorful fusion of music. They've also represented their country well by being ambassadors on behalf of the U.S. State Department. This group of talented musicians have a huge fan base around the world.
Tim Sabuco
They started as a political jam band in Las Angles and are now a diplomatic entity for peace in the most impoverished places. Their style is unique as the blend the sounds of the place they've visited together to make something unbelievably beautiful.
Nikke Alex
They address social issues in America and are very inspiring
Shannon Neilson
Because The Go All Around The World TouingAnd They Support Different Things.
Angela Lowman
By being musical ambassadors from the US, traveling to areas like Nepal, Thailand, etc. and connecting to the people living there. They've performed at an orphanage, giving the kids a chance to experience music, dancing to it, playing instruments. They incorporate so many of different styles of music into what they write. They make personal connections with the people who go to their shows by performing within the audience at the end and sticking around to talk with the fans.
Kate Schonmeyer
They're bringing MUSIC back into... well,music. They're bending the boundaries between Latin, hip hop, reggae and rock and roll to the breaking point. No monotonal, monotonous BS here; they're talented musicians and songwriters. Plus they're lovers of people - all people, everywhere. That's a positive influence we should all emulate.
Ramon Ibarra
Ozomatli has brought unity through there music. To those that haven't heard there music, listen to it and one will understand the statement "unity through music"
Josh Norek
LA's Ozomatli are a Grammy-winning Latin fusion group that mixes hip-hop, rock, cumbia and a stew of other influences. Their music is all about self-empowerment and has positive lyrics. They have been musical embassadors, literally bringing their diverse music to places as far away as India and Nepal. Ozomatli have always made themselves available for numerous non-profit causes and are extremely generous in making themselves available to aid worthy causes in the Latino community.
Star Laca
They're music touches various generations,issues & cultures!
Michelle Stolzenburg
They've played and are known all over the world, they are constantly giving back to charities, schools etc. They have represented the U.S.as ambassadors to various countries, they support other bands, their music reaches out to people and they are amazing to their fans. They have worked very hard for their place in the world and managed to stay somewhat humble despite the fame...Need I say more?
Xavier Roberts
Personally, I believe that Ozomatli is one of the most influential artists, because of their ability to blend different types of music together, and their music crosses so many boundaries, and affects many people.
Eli Isaacs
Ozomatli has reshaped the world of music, they have brought passion, diversity, rhythm and spirit to make an amazing sound and a real message
Moses Mora
Multi-cultural, Grammy winning band from Los Angeles was tabbed by the U.S. State Dept. to represent the USA as musical ambassadors on tours through the Middle-East and Asia. These guys are world heroes.
Theresa Fross
Multicultural band with great muscianship, influencing young people all over the world with the positve values offered through connecting with music.
Zayra Longoria
They are our future... a beautiful blend of people different races/ethnicity who make positive music that promote love, peace, and unity.
Eriberto Gomez
Ozomatli's beats have changed the face of urban fusion forever. Their use of worldwide music has been recognized not only by its fans globally, but by those who just happen to hear them and are moved by both the rythm and the message contained in their songs. The Band itself was born out of social injustice and has been able to travel all over the world as ambassadors of peace, unity and justice. Ozomatli did not bring down the Iron Curtain, but they helped make the world a smaller place.
Claudia P, Granados
They have transcended continents and the only way to reach people at global dimensions is when you are able to move them and have them follow your music
Claudia Christine Marin
Ozomatli is full of culture and love. Their music is the weapon of the future.
Eda-Evelyn Santiago
Ozomatli merge together many styles of music. When you go to their concerts you find people of all ages dancing to their unique style of music.
Allan Blackman
Ozo have spread their message of love, peace and joy all over the world. As US musical cultural ambassadors, they have played on virtually evey continent at orphages and venues of every type, mostly for free.They have buit a bridge to people and nations of differnet languages and ethnicity.