Katie Hollander
From his 1971 hit "Ohio" in reaction to the Kent State shooting to his work with Farm Aid to the catchy "Impeach the President" and Living with War album-- Neil keeps us "Rocking in the Free World"!
Ben Smith
Not only is he my favorite musician, he's been socially active in countless ways. One way - in the '80s, he formed The Bridge School, a school for children with special needs. Both his sons have cerebral palsy. His annual Bridge School benefit concert raises millions of dollars and brings in top bands and musicians.
Dennis Lane
Because he speaks truth to power for his entire career and he still is. Just give a listen to find out.
Jerry Keselman
Neil Young continues to speak out on issues that he feels need airing - back to Ohio for the Kent State Massacres, Keep on Rockin' in the Free World for Tianammen Square, Living in War a few years back about Bush and Iraq, and more.
Leslie Oscar
He didn't follow the money- making paths that so many artists spiral into. He spoke out against Bush "Let's Impeach the President" and the corporate takeover of musical artists-- refusing to link his music to commercial products (like U2 does with
Apple, Michael Jackson for Pepsi). He's like a not-for-profit artist selling his songs to people who love them or for good charitable causes.
Very controversial political satire embedded in his music portfolio e.g. "Southern Man"