Yvonne Laurenty
With phenomenol lyricism, rhythm, a haunting tone, Miles was the Picasso of American classical music (jazz); he integrated musical genres as he moved brought musicians forward from style to style -- our greatest jazz shapeshifter.
Mai McDonald
MIles Davis's music ushered in a whole new understanding of the jazz idiom, and with it, a whole new listening audience made up of artists, hippies intellectuals, rock n' rollers and everyday folks. His music helped to define the modernist era, and music enthusiasts everywhere learned how to be "cool."
Vana Gierig
This trumpeter and band leader changed the way people listen to music forever. He was a visionary who not only was a virtuous player, but had a voice that would also change music forever. He influenced every kind of musician, from classical to jazz to rock, as well as every kind of listener.
thomasina Cooke
I never paid attention to music--just back ground for doing household chores. His "All blues" woke me up to the world of Jazz. A wonderful experience.
Sam javitch
Not only was miles a key part of almost every Jazz movement from the 40's to the 80's, he showed the world what he felt music should be about. He didn't accept the labels white people put on blacks and he made sure people knew that. In my musial journey i learned from him that music could be a spiritual experience that transcends time and space to bring people together as one.
Steve Hughes
Why isn't he on the list?You can't be serious!