Alberta Long
He is the ultimate showman not only for his singing but along with his dance moves that made him unique
Edith D'Angelo
His music had a meaning and a wonderfull rhythum; he was a creator and he created new sounds and new movements and the video music and he wrote his music and lirics; he is the best artist and also and incredible human, THE BEST OF THE BEST.
Madlyn Stokely
Innovation in the use of music video introducing new techniques on all levels, set design, camera use, dance; open MTV to African America Artist; crossed many cultures with his music; innovated dance into music at a new level;crossed generations; inclusion of social and political issues in his music and videos.
Ardija Red-Cloud
It was overwhelming to see the out pouring of love for him from all over the world not just here when he died. And yes, remember, "We are The World". The song that brought together so many different artists for a worthy cause. His music moved the whole world!
Norma Schwartzberg
Because he started with his family sending a positive message to young people in those days. Because when he came out flying solo one by one of his creatived ideas were display no only in his concerts but on his videos as well changing the concept of videos forever. Because he used the power of his popularity to help others not only in USA but in the rest of the world! Because his talent is unique and fascinated making him stand up from the rest of the artist in his days.
Patricia Colleran
Michael Jackson reached so many people in so many ways. His concerts drew the largest crowds in history. His songs including Man in the Mirror, Heal the World, and of course, We are the World brought a new consciousness to generations around the world. He transcended race and gender and influenced the consciousness of his time to the point that the USA elected its first Black president. He also entertained millions through 4 decades of life--we loved watching him grow up!
Dred1 Scott
He is The Last Great World Renowned Entertainer. There will never be another artist/musician/performer - man or woman to ever come close to his recognition.
Bernard Stennett Jr
For one,he wrote two of the most profound songs ever,that deal with people,children,and the state of the world.The songs are as follows:WE ARE THE WORLD:AND MAN IN THE MIRROR.Also he created several beautiful videos,that deal with the conditions,most affecting humanity.Namely,RACISM,POVERTY,HUNGER,WAR,GLOBAL WARMING/THE ECOLOGY,AND LASTLY THE CHILDREN,OF THE WORLD.His contributions to charity,are legendary.He will never be forgotten.
Robin Samuels
Bringing attention to environemtal issues - Earth Song, We Are The World, Heal the World
Janice Hartshorn
He brought us Earthsong, long before it was fashionable to try to save the enviornment. He tried to bring love and hope and peace to this world. He was in the Guiness Book of World Records for giving the most money to charities! He was only 5 years older than me, but his music career started when he was a child and his music and dancing helped me through the tough times in my life, and helped me celebrate some of the best times in my life. I still can't believe that beautiful soul is gone!
Sharon Mariner
The music kept me awake driving to work at 4:30 in the morning. His music ignites energy into the soul.
sy collins
I've never seen an artist who could unite every colour, creed, age or gender of humanity more so than Michael Jackson. His concerts were like a festive meeting of the United Nations and his music "Rocks"!!!!!
Roy Eaton
His music, presence and performance transcended our individual barriers of class, sex, race and ethnicity and reached into our souls in a way that made "LOVE" a tangible experience, uniting all of mankind.
Rees Klemish
Michael Jackson, King of Pop! Not only has his songs taken the world by storm and helped to start to erase bigotry (Black or White, Man in The Mirror, Heal the World), but his dancing is world-famous (who hasn't seen the moon walk steps?) Michael was also a great humanitarian, giving large sums of money to world charities. His new songs regarding the state of the earth (cutting down rain forests, etc.) will live on long after his death. He leaves us a great legacy.
Merdis Dandridge
Among his many attributes,he was a humanitarian who helped to create a song to help the world. So many influential people came together to aid in this cause.
Sheena Bouchet
The was the most creative/influential individual with his music/message and dance! Even when they didn't understand the message, they camem from all 4 corners of the earth, to feel his spirit, and his love!
lynda garrett
for contemporary music micheal jackson the beatles came through the sixties movement a period of unreat and great social change
Robert Enzo
We are the world, black or white..MJ's never backed away from the world's important issues
Olive McNeil
Alive or dead, Michael's music has had the most influence on all gendres of music. Musch more so that his predecessors and contemporaries. He was the nucleus of the music world.
Josie Purser
Michael Jackson was a musician, vocalist, and entertainer to the ultimate degree. He really knew his music. It was his creation and he presented it as a gift to the world. He will truly be missed. His legacy, I believe, will last for generations and generations to come.
Hellen mayfield
Michael Jackson was a gifted musical genius, who's music is appreciated all over the world. What a talent. There is no one like him. We were truly blessed to be witness to such greatness. He will always be Loved! I'm A Great Fan of His. With Love Hellen
Hellen mayfield
Michael Jackson was a gifted musical genius, who's music is appreciated all over the world. What a talent. There is no one like him. We were truly blessed to be witness to such greatness. He will always be Loved! I'm A Great Fan of His. With Love Hellen
lori jacobs
hes has changed how musicians dance and well as how videos are done.
Elvira Powell
Because he combined song with dance/movement.
clarence wall jr
michael jackson has touched the whole entire world. this effect will stand the test of time. he will be forver in the hearts and minds of generations to come
Catherine Armstrong
Michael Jackson has been entertaining people since he was a small child and rather than fame making him value material and pompous persuits, his music reflects his love of LOVE, our planet, and the importance of taking personal responsibility, and helping your fellow man. And, besides, his music makes people happy. You can see it in the faces of adoring fans from Shanghai to Shreeveport. The world loves and misses Michael Jackson.
Carmen Soto-Vigo
Because his music changed the music industry. His work was so different from anyone else at the time. From his videos to We are the World. He influenced so many other artists in his lifetime too. He touched so many fans worldwide. His music did make an impact on this world he was a genius in music and dance!!
Keith Monterey
THE KING OF POP,ROCK,R&B&JAZZ FROM AROUND THE WORLD.MUSIC,DANCE,ACTING,VIDEO,GIVING,CARING,SINGING.King Micheal master what he did bringing people together from around the world thru his style of music& dance.His music his style will be miss. GOD BLESS
Jonathan DerBoghosian
Amongst the most famous, yet very complex and misunderstood artist to come out of the Pop/Rock Music Scene was a boy...then with The Jackson Five,and later,a very well-received "universal" type of performer, who wanted...and DID...live out all of our hopes, dreams and ambitions...RIGHT TO THE VERY END OF HIS SHORTENED LIFE HERE ON EARTH! This LITTLE BOY "grew up" to 'see and realize' his and OUR 'childhoods' as a MAN, husband...and father! His music and appeal will be endless for all of us!
Diogenes Rodriguez
His music transcended boundaries more than any artist since history has been recorded
Gloria Fahie
I think that Michael was most influential because his life and musical messages were of pure love. Whenever children love someone so completely, without real physical contact, then we should understand the pureness of that person. He was able to transcend time, and physical space to remain loved by the masses from the beginning of his career to the end of his short life. He embodied "We are the World" in such a way that made all of us believe that we are one,united in love.
gladys rubio
And The Beatles... The beatles because their music is still played today. The long hair, the bell bottom pants, they were the first to wear them. Michael Jackson's music, dancing. no body does better than him.
Regina marino
He sang songs on what we have done to the planet, and one of children and people around the world .
Tami Tyree
Michael Jackson blended elements of rock,pop and soul. He broke barriers with songs like "Man in the Mirror" and collaborated with Paul McCartney on "Ebony and Ivory" which spoke directly about interracial peace and harmony. Furthermore, he was the most memorable voice in "We are the World." He was an international sensation that proves that music breaks all boundaries.
Alan Dunkley
Michael Jackson changed the genre of Black music/ Rhythm and blues to pop - music unrestricted.
Gwendolyn Maddox
because he is an icon and he helped so many children and gave a lot to charity. He tried to help the world .
Patricia Ryan Solop
King of POP
Bridget Maniscalco
As far as I am concerned, I think he was truly an overall entertainer. No one can come close to his musical or choreography/dance talent.
Natasha Padilla
For five decades Michael Jackson influenced the world. The first Black superstar of the post-civil rights era, Jackson will always be a global icon recognized for his music, dancing, humanitarian, and philanthropic efforts. Among his many awards and record-breaking accomplishments are millions of dollars in records sales, touring revenue, charitable donations and causes, including USA for Africa and the Heal the World Foundation. His posthumous earnings have also helped the ailing music biz.
Pulette Henriquez
Stepped out of the box in a very BIG way.
William Allen
He brought more people together across racial & cultural lines than any other artist!!
Kenneth Wiltshire
He was able to pull so many people together and make such beautiful social statements
Barbara Butts
He broke ground around the world.
Penelope Patterson
It is so so obvious.........
Towanda Griffin
Michael Jackson's music united the world. Never has one musician been able to cross not only music genres but also to cross ethnicity lines and bring us all together as a people.

His music raises our consciousness, makes you think and makes you want to be a better person. When you listen to "We are the World", you feel a sense of hope and believe that we can make this wold a better place.
His donation to humanitarian causes, his effect on fans through his lyrics, his personal commitment to changing the world
James Vragel
No other artist has influenced music more that Michael Jackson. His music, videos, and dance moves have influenced the arts more than any other artist in history.
Nancy Wilde
changed the music/dance world on so many levels-changed our perceptions- didn't care about his race,etc-just about his amazing talent, influencing so many artists,especially dancers, but most of all young fans from everywhere-globally.
Arnold Almelor
His a great entertainer,singer,humanetarian,he sets a good example,he cares about the world.
iris billups
Unconditional love
Frances Greene
His Thriller album revitalized the recording industry and remains the #1 selling album of all time. He is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the recording artist who has donated the most monies to charities around the world. His music made a profound effect, not only on American pop culture but all around the world. He has influenced many artists and people with his music and individual dance style
Marilyn Andrews
Michael's purpose in all that he did was to promote LOVE. Michael was a people person who virtually remained a child in his personal behavior. He was a GIANT in music,expression of feelings, dance and reaching out to mankind.

He will never be forgotten. Imitations of him will always compliment his memory.

I miss him very much!
William S. Freeman
Barbara Seixas
Aside from the universal love of his enormous musical talents, he is most notable for his charitable support of the most needy worldwide.
Selma Jackson
"WE ARE THE WORLD" changed the way artists supported humanitarian efforts.
marylyn suk
He united the world around the art he created.
Janis Thomas
He garnered worldwide adoration and respect through his enormous talent 'raising the bar'in music, fashion, dance and entertainment. Through his philanthropy, he called attention to the suffering of the needy, sick and forgotten.
He gave so much joy and happiness and excitement and amazed us with singing/dancing. So much so that the Thriller moves have been done in Sydney, on a British subway train, at Weddings and even in a Phillipine penitentiary. THAT'S INFLUENCE!
Rosiland Sargent
There has never been an individual in the history of man that has achieved the greatness of Michael Jackson. We were lucky to have been on this planet to witness and enjoy the entertainment that he donated to civilization. His work will always be appreciated by young and old forever. He always acknowledged his mentor, James Brown.
Issa Derby
His songs spoke about peace and saving people who were not as fortunate as others.
Patricia Heath
He was because his music spoke to you about many different things...like hunger!!
Sharon Coley
Through his music he has united a lot of people and have helped a lot of sick children around the world to have some joy and happiness despite their ailments. He gave them some normalcy to their life which they appreicate very much.
Jean Naples
Because of his continuing work to help those in other countries in the world - such as Africa - who are poor, starving and suffering from diseases that are very easy to cure but due to lack of needed funds, these people cannot help themselves. Michael Jackson never stopped thinking and working to help these people have a better life.
Michael Andrews
Michael Jackson was all about love. Unconditionally, he continued on that path regardless of all he obstacles he encountered. He brought the world together with his art. He lived the life that he promoted through his art. The Beatles opened the doors but Michael Jackson held them open for everyone.
Letitia Alvarez
He was about love, not hate or war. He believed in change. He believed that we the people could make a change. That it takes each and everyone of us, and that it begins with one to a domino effect.
Darcia Millard
Do we even have to ask?
Mauline Davis
Michael was the ultimate musician, composer and entertainer. Known worldwide.