yvonne mitchell
his album "what's going on" was recorded in the early 1970's and every song on it is so pertinent to what is going on in the world today. he sang with passion, conviction and soul. most importantly about life. his songs were lyrics that stick with you, ageless, you could dance to the rhythm or just sit back and listen. he is an enternal classic. the world's most influential artist, he has my vote!
Charles Johnson
He wrote the song, "What's Going On" it gave a soulized view point about the war and environment.
Karen Moody
I believe Marvin Gaye is influential because of his What's Going On album. It spoke to and for everyone. He asked the question that everyone was asking, whether it had to do with the war or racism or equality or ecology.
Lawrence Caldwell
His Anthology Album covered feelings of the young and old on subject such:the Viet Nam War,Youth awareness of the Political problem, Urban disenfranchisement and the need for the government hear the people.
A White
As a popular artist, he awakened his nonpolitical audience to question the atrocities of war by forcing them to ask tmeselves, "What's Going on"? the title of his 1971 album. Such themes were mentres for other artists but when a Motown artist questions the government, people who traditionally simply listen to the radio for entertainment only begin to get involved also.
Jesse Adams
Sam Cooke sang that a change was gonna come and James Brown embraced black power, but Marvin Gaye's immortal "What's Going On" was unprecedented. Integrating rich, funky R&B with philosophical meditations on poverty, the environment, God, and war, the 1971 album revolutionized soul music as a vehicle for social commentary. Gaye's life was cut short a decade later, but not before he inspired generations of African-American artists to use music to raise profound questions about society.
Gloria Creech
The "What's Going On" album covered everything from the war, to crime, pollution. There's a line a still quote, "fish full of mercury" that still holds true.
Flora Goldston
He changed the way we thought about our self and the world. His music told a story and made you think. He was awesome and i loved him. You were really entertained when you went to his concert
Milton White
celebrity with a conscience - brought a message of awareness and need for public action