marian anderson
she represented America throuout thw world as an outstanding singer, unique representation of values, great artistry, and united nations representing peace and unity for all peoples, as well as usa leadership.
d r
Drew attention to racism
Irene GIlman
She caused E. Roosevelt to jar the DAR and the rest of the cultural world into a desegregated mentality.
Gisela White
By her magnificent and courageous appearance in the concert on the Washington Mall (arranged by Eleanor Roosevelt) she showed thousands and thousands of men and women assembled, and later viewing recordings of this wonderful event, that a person of color offers to the world not strife and a target for racial hatred, but the highest level of beauty and artistry. Food for a lot of reflection and trail blazing for countless superiorly gifted artists of her background. A path to humanity.
Jennifer Panicali
Marian Anderson, a gifted African American singer, helped break racial barriers prior to and during the Civil Rights Movement. Her courage and talent have paved the way for countless musicians, and undoubtedly contributed to an improved quality of life for all people of color.