His beautiful tenor voice turned me on be an opera lover for the last 31 years of my life
Floss Shahbegian
He influenced so many people to the world of Opera who had never listened or cared for this art form. He didn't have to scream, do crazy antics, expose body parts, or grab his crotch to gain attention and admiration for his talent. His voice enthralled millions of people and brought so many to appreciate Opera as never before.
Dorothy Simons
I believe it was Pavarotti's voice + personality that made more people of different economic & cultural backgrounds appreciate & take notice of opera &, in turn, classical music. Andrea Bocelli has picked up that quest and continues to do so.
Luciano Pavarotti's magnificent voice and willingness to share the spotlight with other talented singers awakened much of the world to the excitement of operatic music. His energy propelled him to distant and eclectic venues that had not been exposed to either opera or Neopolitan songs of romance, family, and even the sun. He had the advantage of living in an age of instant worldwide communication, which made the Pavarotti name and voice recognized in every country.
mike lucas
brought classical to a marriage of all other types of music
Anthony Cafiero
I am a senior citizen who had spent the earlier part of my life with no knowledge of opera, barly familiar with a couple of its classic melodies everyone has heard. Then one evening many years ago I stumbled onto a PBS Great Performance of La Boheme, starring a young Luciano Pavarotti. I watched the entire production, enchanted by the voice and performance of Pavarotti. It was a seminal event for me, and it altered my taste in music for life. But, more importantly, it influenced the world.