christopher keenan
... and Benny Goodman - they changed the neurology of people with Louis' humor and both Louis and Bennys' fluid sounds
Steven Loehrer
He, along with Buddy Bolden, was the pivotal and creative genius that brought jazz and so much more to the world. He has influenced everyone who plays, hears and loves music.
Lucy Bovasso
Louis Armstrong was a sound innovator.He influenced generations of (jazz) musicians and singers like the great Billie Holliday. He brought the ONLY original and unappreciated (in the US) American art form, jazz, to Europe and the rest of the world where it was well received, loved and thereby jazz came back to America to be discovered here. Louis was an international good will ambassador for America. He helped with his genius and amazing charisma to begin the breakdown of racial barriers.
Tracie Johnson
He is the standard bearer for amm trumpet players that came after him and, quite possibly, for all jazz musicians in general.
george hammer
He was the source for 20th century American music.
Seymour Simon
He influenced all who came after him.
Cat da Silva
He changed the way in which music was made, in which soloists were highlighted, and the way music was used as a vehicle for bringing people from cultures near and far together.
Anne K. Johnson
I agree that Pete Seeger deserves this, but Louis Armstrong was the first musician that came to my mind. His influence on the original American art form, Jazz, is unmatched.
Lloyd Fonvielle
This is a no-brainer. Without Armstrong, jazz would not have become the quintessential American art form (it would have been a passing fad like ragtime) and rock music as we know it would not exist. No Armstrong, no nothin'.
James Trowbridge
"Ambassador Satch" not only led the emergence of jazz from New Orleans to Chicago, KC and New York as America's music but also pioneered its introduction to Europe and the world, breaking barriers in the Cold War era.
Mark Cameron
Armstrong's amazing talent brought jazz to a new level (he really started the concept of "swing"), and increased it's popularity worldwide over his very long career. Jazz is now played all over the world, and has brought players and fans together globally. It's now a common musical language we all can share. A black man who grew up poor in New Orleans, played for royalty in Europe, toured Africa - truly a musical ambassador.
David Anchel
He was the dominant force in introducing Jazz to the world. His dynamic trumpet playing and singing changed music forever. His work as an ambassador also was ground breaking
William Brady
Brought the blues to jazz and then brought both into the mainstream of "Western" music
muriel weinstein
He alone, promoted improvisation, giving soloists time to show their skill and imagination. No one had done that before. His style had an impact on all musicians who followed him. He freed jazz singers to improvise and sing scat. He combined blues and swing and changed the sound of JAZZ. He was the Founding Father of Jazz. He recorded hit songs over 50 years. Jazz. The world community loved him and called him Ambassador Satch. He helped our image. In 1957, in Little Rock, Ark he called Pres
Stuart Leigh
By doing more than any other single person to codify the grammar of jazz, he set up the conditions for the free wheeling American art form from which so much else has sprung.
Kathryn Gannon
Jazz became an acceptable discipline because of his talent. His smile and personality gave the world a different view of America.
Vincent Amato
He is the mother lode. A genius and almost a saint.
Michael Bareau
As a virtuoso trumpeter,jazz innovator and band leader Louis led jazz out of New Orleans into the mainstream of popular music and its broad acceptance by musicians and music lovers. No Louis, no Beatles...
Crol Cohen
The way he played is what made him so outstanding and influential. He is celebrated around the world- His music has stood the test of time and is timeless
susan wedgle
Louis Armstrong brought the sound of jazz to the american public and forever changed the face of western music. He brought a black face to the sound, soul and heart of America that ushered in the first steps to integration of our society. He was a world ambassador that let the world see what a great country the U.S. was to nurture such talent and vision.
joel park
He was tge stepping stone to most modern music and vocally he re-invented singing technique un tge modern vein,
Jillian Mulvihill
At a time when America's racism was obvious worldwide, Louis Armstrong's genius was acknowleged and made jazz America's only unique musical tradition.
John Schurr
I believe that Armstrong through his humility and unequaled trumpet playing brought together white and black musicians and ultimately fans too.
Ed Brylawski
World's greatest Jazz musician to date.
Yorke Rhodes
He was Universally loved as a Jazz Master and an American Musician all over the world.
Michael Levin
The greatest musician America has produced
Diane Domondon
Louis Armstrong made a global hit of an all-American art form as the world’s preeminent jazz soloist. At home, his standing room only shows and record sales were achieved despite the shadow of Jim Crow, as he drew fans and band mates of all colors, creeds, and ethnicities. Touring internationally from the ‘30s on, Satchmo trumpeted notions of American ingenuity and innovation, a contribution exceeded only by the vitality of his music.
Wayne Howie
In the mid 50's throu the 60’s "Ambassador Satch” toured Africa, Europe, and Asia under sponsorship of the US State Department with great success. He brought the goodwill of music to the world like no other. He had great stage presence. His arrangments of voice and instraments had influences well beond the jazz world, he is widely regarded as having a profound influence on popular music in general. Many great late 20th centery musitons credit Armstrong with being a hugh influence on them.
Norman Brust
Armstrong, with his innovative solos, gave the world a taste for American jazz. That led to a taste for other American standards, like supermarkets and commercial TV. The contrast between these and the drab existence of people under communist dictatorships contributed vastly to to the downfall of these regimes. Louis opened the door for the Beatles.
Leo Bliok
He may not have rocked the Kremlin, but he brought his distinctly American, joyously improvisational style to the Russians as part of a grand European tour."Satchmo" was a great ambassador for American optimism throughout the
Martin Leventhal
He was the "real ambassador"bringing the USA to the world that still was prepared to see us as the ggod guys.He was world famous,popular,and beloved.
Michael Keropian
There can be no doubt about it, the ambassador of Jazz, Louis Armstrong had to be the biggest influence world wide in the 20th century.
From his trumpet to his big smile, no country or people could resist his sound and personality!
Neil Clarke
He had major influence on the developmnt and evolution of Jazz music perf. and phrasing which in turn influenced the whole world musically. He also served as a cultural ambassador for the United States at a critical time in world history. The Beatles or anyone else for that matter who were influenced even remotely by Jazz were in fact influenced by Armstrong. Plus polit. impact of his tours! All documented in "The Jazz Century" for musical impact+ and "Satchmo Blows up the World" 4 Political
Richard Cutler
He codified the swing and blues basis of jazz and invented American popular singing. The best rock and roll, for example, is merely a simplification of the standards Armstrong put into place: Surprise within order, the triumph of the vernacular, the voice of soul over the trained classical voice. Twentieth century music could not exist without him.
Walter Santucci
Mr. Armstrong's career began when racist oppression was at its most severe and violent in this country, yet he consistently made happy and uplifting music and showed only love for all people.
John Herrera
Aside from all he did musically,(if that's possible)What he and the early Jazz pioneers, did to breakthrough prejudice/racism in this country in the early and mid-20th century. Just traveling across the US., from place to place, spreading the "new music". I mean can you imagine, being in demand to play the music that you are creating, BUT NOT BEING ALLOWED TO STAY, OR BE SERVED at that place. There are no words. The dichotomy of it all exposed our ignorance, and paved the way for Civil Rights!
Alan Bates
Brought American music (Jazz) to the attention of the entire world. Influenced EVERYBODY who came after him.
Eldridge Dunn
He was a good will ambassador to the world.
Beth Kling
He was a genius who had a huge impact on American music.
Herbert Gissen
There is no single musical artist who can match the impact and influence Louis Armstrong has had on the musicians who came after him in the field of popular music,which includes jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll and all the rest. He is recognized world-wide
as the "king" of jazz, and as the
foremost innovator of the hot jazz
solo. He revolutionized the sound of the jazz trumpet, and originated the sound of the jazz vocal. The whole world continues to be inspired and thrilled by his music.