Paul Fetscher
I think you know!! He was my first 45 - in 1949 And I saw him most recently in 2008 He stood the test of time - and taught us all so well!
Michelle Cunningham
His invention of the electic guitar revolutionized music. His many other innovations forever changed music for othe types of musicians too. I am thinking of multitrack recording, the basis of many other techniques used by all musicians today.
Burton Turner
Les Paul's virtuosity on the guitar was vastly influential to countless guitarists to follow. His musical influence however is dwarfed by his influences as an inventor and vanguard of studio technologies and techniques, identifiable in most every recording that followed. Thus all historically influential artists stand on his shoulders. He is at the root of the historical influences of all artists who followed. As I met Les Paul, I knew he was the most historical person I had or ever would meet.
Aimee Campbell
He invented the solid-body electric guitar, enabling every jazz, blues, rock, funk, jam, metal, country etc artist since the 1950s to express themselves and their message(s) in a stronger way to elicit emotion and - at times - spur action in their audience. Without this crucial invention, there would be no rock-n-roll as we know it.
Abe Kluge
Modified electric solid body guitar ,8 track dubbing to produce sounds which became the backbone of R&R. Changed music for last half of 20th century to present.Impact was worldwide.