Incrediably talented musician who waken and brought musical jewels to his listeners who brought more listeners into the fold.
Truman Eustis
Changed mode of conducting,composed inspired compositions:classic, pop and Broadway
Barbara Cramer
Was one of the first to make classical music more than tenable to all classes of people. Besides,through his series of lectures (on TV, DVDs),a generation of youngsters were educated while being enthralled. (My 4 were-and ergo, my 9 grandchildren are.)
Lois Schoenhorn
He introduced classical music to children. My children never listened to classical music before Bernstein introduced his Leonard Bernstein TV show for children. This show was broadcast all over the world.
Ginger Karren
A fabulous human being as well as composer of jazz, classical, religious music, narrator, conductor of the greatest of orchestras including New York Philharmonic, Israel Symphony, Chicago. Studying with him at Tanglewood changed my life.
Joanna Barouch
As teacher to the world, LB made classical music appealing and understandable to the general public.When people watched "Omnibus,any of the Young People's Concerts or a NY Philharmonic performance they would come away knowing that they had learned something intellectually and felt something emotionally they may not have before. Bernstein was the total package as a musician and humanist.His passion for music coupled with his passion for teaching is his greatest legacy.
Virginia Obry
Because of his influence on the education of young people and exposing them to classical and popular music. In my case the NYC School system benefited from the programs he helped to set up I had exposure to music I would not have had access to otherwise.
Batya Bauman
Bernstein was not only a great musician, conductor, composer... he was the greatest of teachers and helped people understand and appreciate the kinds of music they would not otherwise listen to. I loved him as a person, , as an artist, and as a teacher.
Joan Antell
He brought music to so many people, and children too. He helped to re-introduce the music of Mahler to the American public.
Dorothy Blaustein
He composed beautiful musicals and great serious music, conducted, spoke about music in poetic terms, performed, made music important to a vast audience. Bernstein was particularly influential in my and my husband's musical lives because he brought Mahler's music to new audiences and gave Mahler's music its proper place in music's lexicon.
d r
Supported and raised funds for progressive causes; advocated for/celebrated birth of Israel and demolition of Berlin Wall with music; in Mass, Candide and other works drew attention to social issues
Joan Druckman
He made classical music understandable and enjoyable by introducing it to young people."Rapsody in Blue" is magnificent.
Harold Warren
fused classical, pop, rock, latin, influences from all over, before most others, and visited and took his music all over the world, including the Soviet Union.
Suda Rattan
Opened the world of classical music to children with his "Children's Concerts"--in addition to his conducting and compsing.