Liz Mescall
Beautiful Colombian promoter of peace in Latin America and the world! Awesome music and lyrics! Definitely an inspiration for today's youth! Juanes.
Anny Martinez
In 2005, named by Time 1 of the world's 100 most influential people. Nov 15,2005 honored at the annual benefit gala for Sir Paul McCartney's Adopt-A-Minefield for his work as a Goodwill Ambassador for United for Colombia. Apr 19, 2006, Juanes performed before the European Parliament, increase awareness use of land mines around the world. "Knight in the order of Arts and Letters" for his work in social activism. Mar 08 free concert as a response to Andean diplomatic crisis."Peace Without Border
aurelio toro
because , his music is inspired to unified the culturs and agains war ,and his music is not only with comercial pourposes but to entertain those that do not have the privalage of living in free world . Those that do not have the oportunity of live in a competibe world like we do . Because without sing in more that his native language is been able to entertain other culturs .