Michael O'Malley
Joni's music has had a profound impact on our inner worlds and on our understanding of the complexities of love and growth. From a musical standpoint, she was one of the first artists to successfully combine folk, rock, pop and jazz into a new idiom. Her use of open tunings on the guitar brings a freshness and brightness to the music. Her daring use of the first-person voice and confessional narratives paved the way for a host of imitators - her album Blue is a modern classic. Vote Joni !
lesli watts
she taught me it was ok to live ang sing from y gut. trust my gut. and no gutless wonder herself, she has been and continues to be a profound social commentator as well as a role model for artists of all types with her amazing discipline and productivity.
Jamie Zubairi
Joni Mitchell as well as highlighting environmental issues in her songs, she changed the emotional landscape of rock/pop songwriting with her openness, her honesty and her steadfastness to her own vision.
Mary Domhan
Her personal meditations became songs that present the human condition in an incisive, poetic way.
Vincenzo Mancini
Genderless and raceless, according to a fan, that she likes to refer as one of her favorite compliments. An innovator, a pioneer, an explorer. Wit and intuition mixed to a voice that makes you dream.
joni mitchell
totally unique
G Meehan
More than any other artist, Joni Mitchell has been able to recreate herself time and again. From folk to jazz and beyond, Joni is and will be at the pinnacle and forefront of the modern music genre.
Susan Cameron
Joni's songs are straight from her soul. When I listened as a young woman I heard the sadness and strength that fueled her lyrics. Some of those lyrics touched me so deeply that I became a foster parent and went on to advocate for children's rights. That is the type of musician, who when writing from the heart, can change the world.
Warren Humphrey
Timeless songs that spoke to a generation and beyond,enough said...
Gabrielle Wise
Besides being the first woman to star in the male dominated rock genre, Joni Mitchell also showed, like no one before her, that a woman could be a singing and songwriting genius in that millieu. By example, she celebrated women being free- spirited and astute. Her music was abundantly original and enchanting, as were her lushly poetic, insightful and refreshingly intelligent lyrics. She brought on a paradigm shift in music and in creativity itself that vastly influenced subsequent generations.
Enormously talented, covered by everyone, sang straight to the one's soul.
L Kleinman
She is a great writer and artist and so many of her songs are covered by so many other artists. She was able to capture in word pictures and poetry, music that resonated to over the time from when her songs were first introduced, and still have power to do so today.
William Mills
Joni has been inspiring me since 1969- with her incomparable poetry and music; as well as her unparalleled insights on relationships, love, the environment, politics, spirituality, and pop cultural aesthetic. She is definitely one of the most fascinating artists of all time.
Robin Christian
She opens evertyones hears to the ongoing problems, woes, loves and positive of our lives.
Robert Ortega
I think Joni Mitchell was influential because of her skills as a song writer and musician. She started off doing folk rock/singer-songwriter music and later expanded her work to include Jazz. And, overall, I think she was most influential when it came to writing song lyrics. This included going from writing about love and relationships to social issues. Because of this, Joni Mitchell stands out among her peers.
Nancy Brett
She introduced a greater intelligence, an originality in attitude, and unique musical daring to a wide audience. Her work has powerfully influenced not one but two generations of songwriters and performers.
Stephen Segaller
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." – Joni Mitchell reportedly wrote these famous lyrics for her song, "Big Yellow Taxi", while on a trip to Hawaii where she looked out her hotel window and literally witnessed paradise destroyed for the construction of a parking lot. They’ve been used as an anthem by the environmental movement ever since.