WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT John Ondrasik/ Five for Fighting
Conrad Tamayo
Five for Fighting's songs and lyrics have
helped to change my life and the world.
John's lyrics remind us that we are all in
this together, and that its OK to feel
vulnerable and scared sometimes, because
in the end love and hope will prevail.
Five for Fighting's songs have been featured
in movies, TV shows, and commercials. They
have transcended their genre to become
anthems that we sing when we wish to feel
good, relax, and enjoy life. These are sentiments
that I feel we could all use during these tough
times. Just listen to "Hope" from his latest album
Slice and you'll know what I mean.
John Ondrasik has also created a website called
Whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com (named after his
hit single) where people can exercise their
altruism by donating to various charity organizations.
This is just one example of how he is using his
fame to do good in the world. John Ondrasik is
clearly the John Lennon our time.
Five for Fighting's songs are existential poetry.