Constance Carlsen
The music was free, happy, full of love. The music made ones heart light and happy. Most importantly they sung about love.
Stuart Zagnit
They are still reaching an audience thirty - five years after they broke up - history will prove their staying power with their messages of love and peace and timeless musicality.
Diana Phillips
One word...Imagine
Richard Hunt
He pushed the Beatles to say something about the V-nam war and went on to continue his outspokenness with his wife in varied ways that influenced G. Harrison to create the Bangladesh concert in particular and showed music artists/pop stars that they could and should share their opinions in positive ways in and outside of their respective arts.
Peter Janoff
The greatest and most influential rock artist and composer of our time.JL bridged black R&B and white middle class Amer/Brit pop while also managing to wield a tangible interface of pol. detente and sexuality's vast dichotomies ."Come Together" was indicative of that particularly wide range of influence and sucess. John Lennon was and remains the "single most" driving force as of yet within the universe of music.
Jeff Lewis
Lennon at the time helped to make us aware of how horrible war was, and that we should all share this planet in peace. Like the Beatles, his music & lyrics, are timeless. With all that is happening in the world today, it would sure be great to still have him here. "War is Over" j.l.
Julian Goldberg
Because of his lyrics!
Mairead Walsh
Give Peace a Chance!
sheri weiner
The music, creativity,political and social sensibility of the Beatles' music and their commitment to the time. Their message and music crossed all national, linguistic, class and age barriers. They brought people together through both discord and harmony...truly the musician's means of expression. Their continuing impact, popularity and respect reveal the impact of their music.
Judi travis
His music was creative genius but his willingness to promote peace had a lasting influence for almost half a century. He was not afraid to speak up, despite the negative press.
Betsy Kelleher
He wrote some of the best songs of all time and he was an influential leader of the political movement of the 1960s and 70s which ultimately brought people to the streets for peace and ended the war in Viet Nam.
Peter Hoepfner
Changed The World
Kevin Roy
It's hard to point to one artist; Many artists have helped form shape opinions on massive scales. I chose John Lennon because of the personal influence he had on me. Not only in musical innovation; he was in the last decade of his career outspoken both politically and through his music. He was very brave.
Charles Bunting
Through his influence, John Sinclair was released from prison. He sang about love and peace and was loved throughout the world. To this day many still mourn his death by gathering around his grave in Central Park.
Debra Garcia
John Lennon used his music..his words into the media to help change political viewpoints... especially during the Vietnam War.. today 'Give Peace a Chance' is still the athem of rallies agains War!!!!!
Mark Rollins
He was a man of peace, a prophet.
Rod Hanson
He, beginning with his early Beatle music, and on through his solo work and collaborations with Yoko, was the voice of our generation. His music inspired us, comforted us, gave us hope. He was a Universal artist, his influence cutting across geopolitical borders, reaching the youth of the world. His life and death touched hundreds of millions of us. He truly rocked our world.
Robert Silverstein
John Lennon is the most influential musician of the 20th Century
roberto dranoff
Lennon´s song IMAGINE is the un-official hymn for humankind and planet Earth. It´s a song about hopes and dreams that can be fulfilled if we really want to make peace happen.
Adam Kulak
If there is a single artist who had an effect on the musical, political and social conscience of multiple generations throughout the world, perhaps no one man was more purposefully influential than John Lennon. The fact that he was aware of his influence and tried to use it to bring peace to the world during such a tumultuous time makes him all the more amazing. With all that said, he is also responsible for a body of work that will live as long as there is music to be heard. Adam Kulak
Claire Feltham
John Lennon lived and died for his music, and for peace.
Steven Herman
John risked his popularity and worked tirelessly in support of causes he believed in such as the anti-war and pro women's rights movements. He truly made an impact on his times.
Paul Goldman
I recently saw The US vs John Lennon. His pacifist work to end the war in Viet Nam worked. People wanted to Give Peace a Chance. I wish they did now.
Michael Snyder
Much more than the Beatles, John Lennon the individual influenced multiple generations and populations throughout the World with his simple and timeless messages of Peace and Understanding.
robin levenson
HIs work changed and grew in his too-short career. He came out of the most influential group ever, in the last 50 years. His work and that of the Beatles came from American music, taken form the beats of Africa, and groomed in the cotton fields. Lennon is truly a "world" artist.
Jerome Nunziante
Becase he walked the walk and Talked the talk.He truly was a man of peace&love "All YOU NEED IS LOVE"Weather he knew it or not he spoke the words of Jesus?only to be gun down like a dog!He Change everyones life in hes time and he's music is still and will till the end of time.
francie williamson
the brains, the courage, the unbridled honesty of this man who fearless stood up for what was right with his words and music, he stimulated the collective consciousness of mankind to question and oppose oppression and to dare to hope for a peaceful planet.
Gary Prottas
Give "Peace a Chance" and "Imagine" made everyone "come together"
Barry Kadas
John used his status in the media for peace. One of the first musical artist to do so
Fiona Scott
His Give Peace a Chance will be forever a symbol of Peace and Not War.
Without him, "The Beatles" had not revolutionized the popular music.
Diana Grace
The founder of the greatest rock band that ever lived and also genuinely dedicated to changing the world for the better! "Imagine" has become the world's national hymn for peace.He even helped change people's views in regards to acceptance and tolerance.One fan,once a sympathizer of the KKK,became inspired by John and his music to reject its views and work against them.He now leads one of the leading hate crime research centers.John was,truly,a special human being.He gave power to the people.
Sheri Alexander
His music is timeless. It's as much a hit today as it was 35 years ago.He inspired so many to take up the cause of peace and to become musicians. I teach guitar and my 10 year old students still want to learn Beatle's songs.
Yuval Lion
I think that John Lennon had the most profound impact on history because he was not only the artistic heart of the most influential band - The Beatles - but then went on to have perhaps greater influence as a solo artist who preached world peace, lived up to his own words, and touched millions of people's lives for the good. It's just so sad that we never got to see what more good he could have done for the world, after his life was so tragically cut short.
Jason Salt
As a solo artist, John Lennon took advantage of his extraordinary popularity to urge the masses to seize their collective power and demand peace and justice, with anthems like “Give Peace A Chance,” “Happy Christmas (War Is Over),” and “Power To The People.” When massive protests forced the U.S. to withdraw from the war in Vietnam, the headline Lennon urged us to imagine, “War Is Over,” became reality. John Lennon was one of the catalysts of a popular movement that ended a war.
John Gaudio
I nominate John Lennon because his message of Peace will always live on. Whenever there is a peace-themed event John Lennon's Imagine and Give Peace A Chance songs are sung and chanted. He died so tragically but the one thing that comes to mind when his name is mentioned is his message of Peace. All he wanted us to do is "Give Peace a Chance" and to "Imagine" the world living as one. At least he is in peace now, unfortunately, he preferred to live in peace with us!
Ireene Deninno
Very wise man. With songs like Imagine, he exposes the world to concepts like no religion, no boundaries between people of different countries.
Kenneth Brown
No other artist has, throughout his brief career, sought to change the word in so many ways. Today Lennon's influence continues to be felt. Give Peace a Chance!
Roya Sedighian
John Lennon showed that war is not the answer by singing "Imagine". Hope for Peace!
Leanne Kershaw
Imagine, Give Peace a Chance, Revolution, Instant Karma, What Ever Gets You Through The Night, Happy Christmas "...and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"

His social/political influence on the music of the Beatles.
Jennifer Donovan
As part of a band that rocked the world and changed music forever, and more importantly later, as a solo artist who used his fame to promote peace and love. If only there were more like him today!!!
jerry Greenberg
He showed you can make a political statement even if unpopular, and be proven right
Phoebe Stutman
His major role in creating the music that captured the imagination of young and old and inspired a generation of other young musicians to share their talent and message with the world.
Michael Reichert
His music touches every movement, including Women's Rights. He inspired others, and continues to do so. His messages of peace and love are timeless.
Scott Morrison
He influenced an entire generation of free thinkers with his artistic political slams thru his music. But he was more of an everymans poet with songs from his heart.
I shared a 'smoke' with John, my friend John & David Peel on January 31 1969 in front of the Fillmore East. He said he knew the guys in the 2nd band. the band was Led Zepplin. Trans formative event, the same of the man.