WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT Johann Sebastian Bach
There is nobody like him. The elegance, simplicity, complexity, and heart-rending beauty of his music are simply unmatched, across all these centuries.
Boris de Vries
From what I can tell J.S.Bach defined or formed the musical theory framework (scales, arpeggio, etc.) that became the foundation of the classical music to follow but also modern music like jazz is leveraging Bach's work.
Deborah Spencer
because he is still the source of contemporary music {"Lover's Concerto" by The Supremes; Philip Glass) and continues to challenge professional musicians and delight new listeners. It is music for the soul and the intellect. his music speaks to all groups, religions, beliefs, languages, cultures, nations, ages.
Jonathan Sanborn
He was the first musician in history to write in every key: The Well-Tempered Clavier. He is probably the most influential musician in the history of the craft as we understand it.
Harriet Bagnall
Because his composing changed the way music was written after the Baroque era. His tunes are used over and over by contemporary musicians, but many of us don't even know where the original melody came from.
Martin Herman
Music is the most universal type of entertainment. Bach's music, beautiful by itself, formed the basis for all later writings, even those of popular music.
evangeline Bourgeois
His divine perfection has never been equalled. His writing continues to be the model of beautiful and perfectly composed music.
Lloyd Targer
Almost every musician says so. Bach invented musical forms that are still used 300 years later.
Donald Jackson
J. S. Bach lay the foundations for western musical practice and developed the basics of keyboard technique in use even today.