Alfred Luthringer
her social conscience and talent over an extended period
Kathryn Good
She has the most outstanding phenomenal voice and has throughout her career supported causes for peace and civil rights
Ann Wenzel
Her voice was beautiful. Her music was inspiring. She used both to lend support and validity to the Civil Rights movement as well as other causes.
Bill Revill
Watch "how Sweet the Sound!"
Pam Strout
Joan Baez is not only a music icon but she has always been at the forefront as a spokeswomen of world peace. She was never afraid to stand up for the oppressed and mistreated no matter what the personal cost.
Nadya Filippelli
For almost single handedly making a generation aware of the existing racism and through her music, the importance of peace, respect and justice for all human beings.
Ken Bono
Gave others a voice.
joan schmidt
Joan has distinguished herself by her commitment to social justice issues evidenced by her willingness to travel to all parts of the globe, including areas where she placed herself in immiment danger. She has truly made a most significant contribution not only to the arts but to the advancement of humankind.
Mark Prouse
In 1960, at the age of 7, I first heard the gorgeous voice of Joan Baez. Because of her, I became a lifelong fan of music (all kinds), but beyond that, her career inspired me as I grew up to become politically active. She taught me to protest against injustice, and to do so in a non-violent way. Joan devoted her entire life to causes dear to her heart, often at a cost to her music career, and she continues to motivate people like me all over the world to speak out for the disadvantaged, the oppressed and the persecuted wherever their lives are in peril.
Patricia Lucas
Her interest in issues involving social justice is commendable.
Judith Kramer
fabulous peace consciousness -- beautiful music -- she influenced many other musicians -- sang for peace and civil rights all over the world
Robert Taylor
She was extremely influential in many social reforms, not least, the civil rights movement. If not all of her music had a "message", her actions as a person always did.
Pamela Mummery
Her pure voice carried the message of equality and peace to an entire generation.
sharon K
Along with a glorious voice, Joan is highly influential in civil rights work and peace efforts
Susan Marchand
She has worked all her life for peace and justice, and has stayed true to her beliefs through difficult times.
Samuel Cintron
Bringing social consciousness to the Vietnam War anti-war and Peace movement.
Linda Beck
Ms. Baez has been at thre forefront of evry social movement in the US for the last 50 years and has also inspired social activists around the world. examples: Martin Luther King, Jr., Vaclav Havel, Andrei Sararov, Lech Walesa, Bishop Tutu, etc. Her dedication to nonviolence and putting herself on the line, her willingness to face arrest and abuse, her use of that magnificent God-given voice for goodness, all make her someone who has not only tried to change the wporld, but someone who did it.
Al Crisalli Jr
She has spent 50 years consistently advocating for the rights of those without a voice. She's tirelessly worked to end war - all war, not just the unpopular ones. She has a once in a lifetime voice that has influenced many artists and gave great hope to a troubled generation. She continues, at 68 years old, to lend her voice to great music and her influence to those who need it most.
Jean-Michel Bouge
Because she influenced so much politics and songs of peace
Nina Degner
She stood for her ideals for more than half a century. Like Ronna Kowal wrote: Just watch the PBS documentary on her life.
Laura Culley
Because she was always there with a message of non-violence throughout times and places of violence. Because her ideals have never changed and she has remained true to them throughout her lifetime (thus far) while her music remains vital, strong and REAL.
Celia Taylor
Her singing & concerts have spanned 50 years and she reamins a brilliant artist always with a captive audience.
dawn warshay
Not only is her music a symbol of freedom for all, she actively participated & spoke out for what she believed in esp. in the Civil Rights Movement w/Martin Luther King. She marched for freedom and ending the VietNam war by engaging herself in areas of unrest - visiting Hanoi and experiencing the terrors of war and the politics that got us there. She was an honest, genuine voice of a generation that wanted to change the world for peace for all and tolerance for everyman.
Ronna Kowal
Wow! Just watch the PBS documentary "Joan Baez - How Sweet the Sound" to see how this woman has dedicated herself and her music to peace, non-violence and human rights here at home and around the world. She is a national and international treasure.
Neil Bomberg
Fore more than 50 years, Joan Baez has used her singular voice for the benefit of all people and their human rights. She has sung for the people of Czechoslovakia and Bosnia, for Vietnam and Argentina, and for African Americans and Mexican Americans in this country. She has sung for people in need of a voice regardless of their party, political ideology or nationality. And she has done so by putting not only her music career on the line, but her life as well (Vietnam and Bosnia.)
Gregory Sandritter
Joan has remained active throughout her 50 year career in singing songs of justice and songs of cultural awareness. She has back her music with consistently placing her person in harms way throughout the world in times of crisis. She continues to introduce new artists to the public and remains a voice to be recognized as beautiful, compassionate and constant in its professionalism.
marlene gralnick
I think that her unswerving commitment to peace and justice for unrepresented minority members is one reason. She has been a force for peace and social justice all of her professional life - just consider the body of her work.
Saskia Cornell
Her lifetime of giving so much to the world - her music, her "fight" for peace for the world,visiting war torn countries totally ravaged and not thinking of her own safety, bringing comfort to so many people all over the world, her work with the great Martin Luther King and marching with him and her stand on apartheid, her refusal to sing to white only audiences, for her stand on the draft and going to jail, her "fight" for human rights, the list is endless....she is the voice for all
sophia sebastian
-MUSICAL LEGACY:FOR HER CONTRIBUTION TO 3 GENERATIONS OF MUSICIANS (MANY DIFFERENT MUSIC STYLES NOT JUST THE FOLKIES) -VOCAL LEGACY: how many women trained on her voice? Nobody can imitate her exact timbre of voice,soprano or mezzo as she is now -human rights contribution. She has spent her life fighting for peace, marginalized causes, nonviolence and she founded various NGOs and supported Amnesty, Bread and Roses, etc -for her ethics, beauty and grace, and for living up to what she preaches
Jessica Feinbloom
Her voice carried on the albums she sold. She backed up her message in her life as an activist. She had vocal beauty and principles.
Barbara Byrne
I watched the American Masters show about her last week on Thirteen and learned many things about her social justice activities that I did not know. She was uncompromising in standing up for the issues that were important to her and to many people here in the US and around the world. I didn't agree with all her opinions but I was moved and inspired by her conviction. She also spoke candidly about the negative effects she now realizes her activism had on her son. A brave admission for a Mom.Peace
Sheri Bretan
Her voice carried the 1960;s anti-war movement in the US and elsewhere
Deborah Ross
Her voice and her songs have been synonomous with anti war and world peace since the 1960's.
Martha Grimley
She made us think and set a good example.
Hilbert Camp
Joan Baez..... In the folksong tradtion
diane heinz
Because she stood for peace and equal rights for everyone - her music/words was one of the best - so glade I lived in her generation. I believed in so much of her believes - I have to tell you that I totally agree with your choices you made in your list!!!

Myrna Johnson
Her influence has been beyond her beautiful voice and choice of songs - she has been an inspiration for peace and justice.
Roy Tuck
She has worked her entire life, and continues to work on behalf of non-violence and human rights without fanfare. Her unwavering efforts to end the draft during the Viet Nam war earn my vote.
Corinne Sternlieb
She has been the voice of the Peace movement since the 1960s inspiring generations to voice our opposition to all wars. She inspires women to use our talents and voices for the cause of peace. She inspires older generations to stay politically and musically involved. And she inspires appreciation of all kinds of music while staying true to her heritage of folk music. But her courage to support the cause of Peace is her crowning achievement, leading our country to stop the war
in Vietnam.
Jane Riedel
She introduced so many of us to social justice issues in her music!
Floss Shahbegian
Beautiful woman with a great voice and musician who influenced so many of her passion and her struggle for peace throughout the world. She wasn't a cutesy character or publicity hound celebrity. She was genuine and inspiring.
Noel Kinkela
She's been an advocate for non-violence her entire life, marched with Martin Luther King to desegregate southern schools and much more.