Noel Kendall
innovative and different
He's the reason why electric guitarists play the way they do today.
Eve Kravitz
Jimi shredded preconceived notions in America and around the world. Notions of what rock should sound like, of how a guitar should be held and played, of how a Black man should look and behave, of what is and isn't "Black Music." He opened imaginations and increased opportunities for artists of color all over the world.
Susan Drake
I don't think there is a rock band or musician playing today that doesn't owe something to his legacy - he broke all the boundries...
Zak Alister
Every rock'n'roll guitar player today is playing a variation on the sound of what Jimi played. There is the "before" Hendrix and after Hendrix, just as there is a "before" The Beatles, which one might argue would be the most influencial band of the last 50 years, and an "after" The Beatles. Since I play guitar, it has to be Jimi.
Cavan Pohlschroeder
Its already been written
Antonio Marino
Jimi IS ROCK GUITAR !! 40 years after his passing his music is as new today as when it was created. Unlike many (most) artist of his time his music can't be boxed in as 60s music or even "classic rock". His music can only be labels as "HENDRIX' !!!
Kelly Riley
He was an absolute genius whose life was cut short.
Andrew Ryan
The music of Hendrix not only influenced rock but also jazz, blues, and many other musical mediums today. Every guitarist of a said decade is not compared to the guitarist of a previous decade but rather if he is as influencial as Hendrix on guitar. Hendrix is the one muscisian that definately was way ahead of his time.
Eric Rucker
No one has ever revolutionized the playing of the electric guitar the way Jimi did/does. He let the music guide him and all of us to new levels built on old roots.
Michael Carney
He's influentenced a couple of generations, with his music...As an electric guitarist, he has no rival, he bridged the races in the 1960's at a time when racial relations were terrible...He was a much better songwriter, than people realize...His music spoke to you, if you heard his words...He was one of a kind, never will his likes be seen or heard again...