Judy Atlas
He has helped so many children in Venezuela, both as a role model and teacher, and now will be helping the underprivileged children in LA grow and learn through music!
Edward Fittin
He'a a young, dynamic and creative conductor who has brought Classical music to young people who might not otherwise know it. He has changed so many lives for the better--all through the magnificence of music. He is also a terrific conductor!
Ann Dermansky
He's the burst of energy and passion the world of classical musical sorely needed. He's bringing music to the children of Los Angeles, establishing a program like the one he experienced in Venezuela. He'll be responsible for the creation of a new generation of musicians. Bravo, Gustavo!
Linda Baumgarten
He changed has saved the spiritual lives of the youngsters
in his country and continues to promote his experience and philsophy throughout the world.