ann doyle
Frank Zappa had a unique style of music not easily imitated. He influenced the lives of would be musicians to attempt their own style. Many people have attempted to copy him. Frank Zappa made his voice heard. And we enjoyed his sound and character.
James Kenny
I liked him because he was an original composer unafraid to veer into territory untried by his contemporaries and yet willing to give credit to his compositional forbears. I also enjoyed the fact that he did not suffer fools gladly and let them know it with wicked satirical jabs.
Carole Sorell
Frank Zappa was a unique musician who merged the ideas of classical new music with rock and always supported American avant garde composers. His own music was original, ground breaking and often censored. He fought against record label censorship and was oftened defamed for his efforts. A proponent of Varese, Berg and Webern, his "new music " ideas spoke to a young generation that heard his complex sounds.
William Sterba
Frank Zappa inspired the Czech rock group "Plastic People of the Universe" which invigorated the Czech insurgents against their hard-line Czech government. His vision of freedom invigorated the Velvet Revolution, which enabled disaffected East Germans in avoiding the restrictions on them and led directly to the East German governments and Berlin Wall's collapse when East German Communism could no longer remain in power. The Soviets had to go home and end the Cold War.
Marcus Morreale
Because he was popular worldwide and helped to overthrow communism in Checkozlavakia.
Richard Gatjens
Frank broke boundaries in rock and roll music, stood up against the attempt to censor music lyrics, and worked with Vaclav Havel in the new nation of the Czech Republic.