Alexander Gerardo
He was the total musical artist; his charisma, phrasing, arrangements, style, huge following etc. was unique and captivated ALL generations of listeners.
Gertrude Posner
Frank dominated my teen age years as he did most teens I knew. Our "love" for Frank made us feel that there was a future for us without being involved in drugs and other destructive behaviour.
James Reitz
It's all in the way one can deliver a message. No one person or group, before or since, has had the ability to convey a message, feeling, mood, situation,ect.........quite like Mr. Sinatra(Period).
Rose Eisenstein
He changed the music world withhis style and singing
betty mooney
his beautiful voice, the wonderful songs he sang are still being heard today ..he was a beautiful person...and i miss him still
He was the greatest interpeter of other people's music in the 20th century....his was the music of my life
Josep Cohen
He showed the world how to live and enjoy life!
judy White
He has worldwide appeal, extraordinary talent, and longevity.
Deborah Jagoda
Male vocalists for decades afterwards, and even today when they sing ballads, tried to sound like him.
Jeanette Friedman-McKee
This songster has brought the greatest songs ever written (American Songbook) to a countless number of people.

Through his instrument and recordings, younger generations continue to have an opportunity to hear the fabulous lyrics and melodies of composers such as Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Comden and Green, Rodgers, Hart, Hammerstein, Harry Warren, Harold Arlen, Vernon Duke,Hoagy Carmichael,Johnny Mercer, Johnny Burke, Johnny Van Heusen, etc., etc., etc.

Rosalind Kacewitz
First of all: His voice; nuff said on that. He also paid hospital bills for artists that couldn't do it themselves; such as Lee J Cobb and Bob Eberle to mention a few. There are other selfish things he did, but wanted no publicity.
M. Connelly
In All ways - he did it - his way!
paul georges
On one level, his voice comes off so naturally, that you think it could be any guy. On the other hand, it has a melodious sweetness that is uniquely Sinatra.
ANITA Kramer
Through generations has kept the genre of American popular standard song ALIVE!
Rob Jacklosky
Sinatra took what had been the stodgy precincts of popular music and made them new. Rudy Valli, anyone? Elvis would be unimaginable without Sinatra. FS was the most successful at crossing genres and platforms before they were even called platforms: movies, t.v. and Vegas---there before Elvis. He was pop-music's first sexy bad boy. He changed all the rules & at a quarter to three, he created the 2nd Act Fitzgerald said was impossible. As the man says, 'It's Siantra's world, we just live in it.'
pat keegan
He was America's music from the 40s through the 90s (AND STILL TODAY)and showed America to the world - What was better than Frank and The Rat Pack in the 60s.
Kay O'Regan
He has stood the test of time. He has many imitators of all generations. He has his own style, often copied but nothing like the original Frank
Mindy Johnston
Very singular style, which has inspired several artists since.