Gary Shindler
Well, he brought rhthym and blues to the world. I mean he changed music and culture in the latter half of the 20th century. Sure he didn't write music like Bob Dylan or the Beatles but he changed the world culturally.
Cristina Gaspar
He changed not only the world of music but the entire world. Even behind the brutal communist regime of Ceausescu in Romania, we admired him and he was (probably without him even knowing) the best antidote to the communist propaganda against the United States. I live in the USA currently and I continue to be the same loyal fan as before. To his critics: as they say in politics "It's all about the economy stupid" and when it comes to Elvis Presley " It's all about the music stupid"
Paula Buchak
Elvis Presley had a big influence on the Rock and Roll Era in America and in the world. He rates his own radio station on Serius Radio. He started the trend towards Rock and Roll and Rockabilly in music. The King lives on in people's hearts and minds.
Rock and Roll was born when he became popular. He paved the way, even before the beatles or Michael Jackson! Elvis will live forever in our hearts and souls!
Gerri Clements
Merged blues, gospel and rock together with the "black" sound to kick off rock and roll to both black and white fans. The rest is history. A true pioneer!
Mary Robinson
He rocked the world
Hilda Kapeles
Elvis brought the black southern rhythms into the mainstream even if he didn't realize. I believe he changed not only mainstream music but he also allowed black artists to shine in the mainstream.
Bill Baker
Brought rock and roll music to the mainstream audience, has influenced countless musicians, both rock and other genres for the past 50 years.
barbara sluboski
He could sing everything and anything, had great range, sexuality and diction. Besides, he was drop-dead gorgeous.
Bruce Solomon
Elvis was the catalyst through which Rhythm & Blues ammalgamated with country to become popularized as Rock'n'Roll. Elvis ushered in seismic changes in culture and society both in the United States and worldwide, and was a catalyst for civil rights movement.
Victor Mazzaraco
The Beatles are pretty close to a consensus pick for Greatest band of All Time. And John Lennon himself said "When I was growing up I wanted to be - we all wanted to be - Elvis." Sam Phillips - owner of Sun Records - found in Elvis what he had been looking for feverishly: a white artist who sounded black. Elvis's popularity and unique sound led to racially diverse artists being played on the same station. And established rock'nroll as a force in American and world culture.
Mary Livezey
He changed the whole area of popular music and the culture itself. I have been a fan for over 50 years and enjoy him as much now as I did when I first heard him. His popularity in the world has not waned even many years after his death. Long live the KING.
Marianne Solinas
He was without a doubt the beginning of the "Rock & Roll" era that inspired all of the great artists that came after him. Beatles, Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and on and on.
willard johnson
he had started something opened so many doors for so many others all over the world to a new way of music even ones that were allready great of any race
Mel Lastella
Elvis inspired so many artists and made rock and roll acceptable to the masses.Elvis was influenced by Country music,Rhythm&Blues and Gospel but no one had that voice or magnetism.He still is a best selling artist so many years after his passing.
Ocone Joyce
He was, is and always will be the King of Rock and Roll. His style of music is unmatched and there will never be another to dethrone him. /Every generation, young or old knows Elvis. Not many singing artists are world renowned by just the mention of their first name. Many have tried to imitate him but noe have succeeded. Long live Elvis Presley's music.
Mary Robinson
He changed the world with his talents and expressions.
Maurice Moran
He combined the soul of rhythm and blues, the sound of country, and the spirit of bluegrass/folk to popularize the new style of music that rocked the country and the world for the past 55 years.
Greg Hammill
Elvis was one of the first artists whose music was heard live worldwide, creating a generation of young people that moved out of their parents shadow into a place of recognition and a positive force in the world. Elvis created changes in music, live performances, dress and appearance like no other artist before or after him. At a time when America was beginning to reject war and the military, he showed American youth that military service was honorable as well as necessary
b b
Music traditionally played by african americans from a white man that launched the most powerful musical genre in history. Sexual innuendo and risque moves to boot.
Marisol Perez
Accross all genre had a unique style
Carmine Del Pezzo
I believe Elvis began the revolution that brought down barriers between music genre. Particularly between pop, soul,blues and gospel.He wasn't the best musician or singer but he was one of the most charismatic , exciting individuals the world has seen.
Dan Griffin
Elvis came along at a time of transition for the US still reeling from the aftermath of the Korean Conflict and the continuance of the baby boom values of God, country life and love - and capitalism.

Music was so fractured that there was not a guiding force for the masses to rally round. Blues and Jazz appealed to blacks and intellectual-minded whites while the masses were drawn to the pop of Sinatra or country. Elvis bridged those gaps and gave youth the chance to have something all their own.
Robin Mallory
Breaking down racial segregation: Elvis brought traditional black cultural sound & gospel to the white world and made it acceptable for all people to enjoy. Music isn't about color, and should never have been defined that way. Elvis made permanent changes to the music industry.
elizabeth zingg
elvis was the first white musician who came out with the sound of a black musician and, thus, acted as the bridge to connect the white and black worlds of music. before him the white world of pop music was stuck in the patti paige mode.
Linda Manzi
Elvis changed music and the world along with it. If there were no Elvis, there would be no Beatles or Bruce Springsteen. I love them all, but I'd have to vote for Elvis. I was lucky enough to see him live at the Garden when he was in his prime! What an entertainer!! His influence on others that came after him is undeniable. Every rock star will admit that! Bruce and The Beatles all loved him too. A true testimonial to a rock legend!! His songs and style are all a part of our American history.
Tammy Brainin
He influenced the beatles. Started a youth momentum in music. To me his song Wise men say only fools rush in..for I can't help falling in love with you, Probably the sweetest love song.
Barbara Malley
Changed the whole shape of music. Made black music white and couyntry music City. IS till being idolixed and impersonated and is stillinflkuencing the music that cmae after him
Don Dillon
Enabled black music to define rock and roll, paved way to desegragation
Lisa Marie B.
His fusion of music styles helped bridge black and white in America.