Pamela Harewood
Sir Duke's was a musical innovator, gifted in European classical music as well as a hardy contributor to America's only classical music form, Jazz. Through his travels, the world was supremely exposed and definitely influenced. The dirges of New Orleans along w/ the blues of the misbegotten and oppressed bear witness to the beginnings of the musical genre. The Beatles, too, were highly influenced by Rock'n Roll a form which also cleary has its eminations from the spirit of New Orleans.
Arnold Parker
His music still connects with modern jazz and influences all jazz artists.
Thomas Leach
Since th early twentys and upto the time of his death, Duke gave the world the most up to date music geared to soul of mankind. He kept up to date during tne decades of the30,40,50,60,70, EVEN THE MUSCIANS OF TODAY HAVE BEEN USING THE dUKE"S CHORDS FOR THEIR MUSIC.
Louis Hopstaken
For his successful 50 year effort to create Black American Music out of jazz and help lift black culture to self-awareness and self-respect. Oh yes, AND for providing generations of all races across the planet with lasting musical pleasure.
Robin Stewart
Because his music influenced all genre's of music and has come full circle you might say because jazz is as popular today as it was then and is now appreciated by all age groups. This proves that jazz is timeless!