Shelly Spritzer
For creating the Divan Ochestra and taking it atound the world. He has shown,using music as the medium, that it is possible join together enemies and to unite people of different faiths and ethics
paul peabody
AS a consummate conductor ,,pianist,,,israeli arab youth orchestra,,,I feel that his breadth of genius both as a musician and humanitarian make him emminently qualifiable
barbara schwartz
He's done so much to bring the Middle East together through music. He's amazing! More proof that music is the universal language.
Gustavo Mirabile
Daniel Barenboim with Edward Said have created the Divan Orchestra mixing together israelies and palestinian to demonstrate that the music can unite peoples.
They achieved it and that orquestra is now an example of tolerance
Kathleen Thielens
For his efforts to bring about peace in Israel and Palestine through the youth orchestra.
Carol Warshaw
Because of his dedication to peace, and all of his work with the next generation of musicians in the middle east.