A FRIEND AND I were standing outside OF[I THINK IT WAS KETTLE OF FISH IN MANHATTEN1974] WHEN 2 GUYS ONE WHITE ONE BLACK CAME DOWN THE STREET. THE BLACK GUY WAS DRESSED IIN ALL RED WITH RED PATENT LEATHER SHOES.[ WE HAD JUST COME BACK FROM THE PHILLY FOLK FESTIVAL] the black guy asked to see my friend Garys acoustic and proceeded to blow us away ,clearly just loving to play. Who can say they had a one song private concert by CHUCK BERRY on a manhatten st? by the way he was the nicest guy
Austin Burns
Because everybody is the bed rock for all rock and roll. GO GO GO JOHNNY GO!
Deborah Kooperstein
Chuck berry is my nominee. All the British bands say he was the man. If black musicians hadn't been used, marginalized & ripped off he would have been as big as Elvis With respect Deborah Kooperstei
Gregory Kolodeny
His songs (Roll Over Beethoven and Rock and Roll Music) energized the Beatles to recreate that kind of rock and roll sound. And so began the Beatles influence. Don't forget all the other American musicians and groups of the 50's that also influence the Beatles.
Rallis Wiesenthal
The reason I think Chuck Berry was so influential is, as Bob Seger sang, "All of Chuck's children playing his licks." Almost all 1960's bands from both the US and the UK played Chuck Berry songs early on.
Chris Brown
He WAS the definition of rock and roll for many members of early 60's rock bands. This includes the Beatles who have acknowledged his critical influence in their formative years