Kara M
his songs are about us, the little people, the working class. they tell stories and they really mean something to me and others as well. he has been the boss for how many years now?
Rebecca Malley
Springsteen is a rock n roll icon. He has been around for decades but his music is still relevant today. I am an 18 year old girl and adore him, so he appeals to all age groups. He has challenged himself with so many different genres. He is the best songwriter of our generation. If he was song in a band he could easily be a successful writer. He has a special gift in which he can relate to absoltely anybody. So to sum up I love him
Lisa Coffman
Greatest singer/songwriter ever. His music moves me like no other.
Chris Reynolds
All his songs mean something to everybody.
Kelly Murphy
Bruce Springsteen has been able to pull together all of his influences ranging across genres and decades to make his own unique sounds. On top of all of that he's influences the younger generation and contemporaries with his enthusiastic and honest performances that it seems no others can match. A truly incredible, down to earth artist.
helene eniclerico
After 40 years Bruce is still making important music and performing like he did when he started in the 70's. Who else can claim that. Not to mention his humanitarian efforts.
Elaine Bauer
Bruce Sprinsteen speaks to a whole generation of rock fans and beyond with his music. At 60 he has managed to stay relevant still producing meaningful music and performing bring-the-house-down live shows. I can't think of another singer/songwriter/performer who has meant so much to so many people and who's music touches so many deeply.
Mike Sidor
Where do you start? You only have to look at the cross-section of age groups at his concerts to realise the massive influence of Springsteen's music on people and how music written in the early 70's still holds strong today and is still relevant today. The number of new, emerging bands today, from The Gaslight Anthem to The Killers, to the established bands such as Manic Street Preachers to Bon Jovi, who all regard Springsteen to be a massive influence on their writing to their live shows.
Magnus Lauglo
The first major rock artist to be a real entertainer and still sing about the serious, tough questions of the human condition. Springsteen is among the best live artists and songwriters of our time, and his influence in both realms goes far beyond the rock genre - even beyond popular music in general. He embraces the best of American values and has become a great American cultural ambassador to the rest of the world. Long minunderstood, he is finally coming into his own as a political artist.
Sue Ellen McCarthy
Because his poetry has spanned 30+ years and still going strong!
Brenda Trump
He too helped tear down the Berlin Wall and with his empathy has helped shape a better America and world through his charitable work, policital activisim and hard singing uplifting voice lifting up the everyday man and woman to strive to do their best for their family and community.
Peter Aschenbrenner
Cause of his lyrics, his attitude, his strong performances
bill schreitmueller schreitmueller
Through his music he articulates feelings, emotions and political view points that most of us fans hold -- but had a hard time recognizing -- until he sings about them.
Joe Farinella
I think Springsteen is an Icon on the level of Dylan if not better. I dont think there has ever been a better songwriter/ story teller than Bruce and there certainly is not a greater act live.
Elizabeth Werner
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: For over 35 years, the music and words of Bruce and the band has given voice to Americans who have been marginalized on basis of economic status, education, race, sex. They have given voice to the hopes and dreams of several generations and continue to do so. The history they have narrated and celebrated is our - Americas.
Warren Stevenson
Bruce's music has reached millions and has chronicled the post-1960s Western World.
Carol Wilson
He is honest and real. He is humble, he is hard working. He cares. He gives. He makes a difference. He's a Jersey guy.
Mark Chiaramonte
Down to earth and play to the people.
Eddy Wehbe
Many new rock bands mention him as their main influence
Tim Johnson
Best live show ever. Stellar lyrics. Great music. The best. Period.
suzanne rees
Prolific lyricist
Vince Krevinas
Bruce's TOTAL committment to songwriting AND performance excellence is unlike any other artist I've encountered in the last 25 years. Younger bands of today, across a wide variety of music styles, are listing him as major influences on their artistic vision.
Peggy Marlow
He is so talented. Everything he writes has so much meaning. He is a good and decent man. Never any bad stories about him. I really love him.
Emily Santo
He wrote Born in the USA. He is a true american poet. He writes about the hard working american man. Never had a drug bust, never served time, no public scandals. Overall, a good human being.
Cheryl Dzubak
Since at least the 80's, he brings focus to the average, middle class family and their struggles in his songs. At his concerts, at least since the 80's he has focused on being politically active and getting involved, especially for the younger generation since it is their future. He has also brought attention, especially at his concerts, to feeding the hungry and the need to support the food banks that feed the hungry. He has asked his fans to donate in anyway you can to food banks.
terri moore
His music inspires a lot of young musicians
Phyllis Purwin
Did alot to put NJ on the map. Has a sound like no other. Been with him since he was young and i'm 77!
Patrice Jordan
Because of his social conscience, and willingness to speak directly to his audience about his beliefs, and pose them as their responsibilities too.
rosemary aizer
Great poet. Influences many people who take great inspiration from his lyrics and his concerts.
ellen mastrella
He pushes ordinary people to realize their potential to do great things for their country.
Julie Fissinger
The way he has reached different generations around the world and among different socio-economic backgrounds with his themes that elevate working class America has had a powerful, moving and important impact on his fans sensitivities, convictions, and perhaps even voting patterns in some cases.
Barbara Walt
He sings about working peoples' struggles & day-to-day life in "blue-collar" America.
Nancy Vanden Houten
Who else can get 50,000 people of all ages and from all walks of life to sing at the top of their lungs with huge smiles of joy on their faces?
bonnie carey
He makes us aware of the unhappiness in the world brought about by hardship and tradgedy but he always offers hope and happiness as an alternative
Mike Steinbach
His music speaks to people globally. Whether upbeat or somber, his words confront thereal-life situations that people throughout the world face -regardless of their country's politics.
rosemary aizer
He is a great poet who understands the American soul as well as Walt Whitman, and in whose concerts many many people achieve an unparalleled level of community and transcendence.