Joanne Theodorou
He started the charity ball rolling for rock stars and showed how it could be done with a good song and good taste for a good cause! "We are the World", never forget!!
Thomas Bonaventure
He took music beyond its traditional borders and made it a worldwide force for positive change.
Charles W. Artis
Before U.S.A. for Africa gave "We Are
The World. Bob Geldof proved musicians get meet together for a cause greater than themselves remember LIVE AID? P.S. We Are The World may have been Michael Jackson's brainchild,but it took Quincy JONES' to breathe life into it. Your question is too broad and should be separated by song,songwriter,musician, and producer. Quincy Jones has had more impact on countless careers from Lesley Gore to Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.
Elena Hood
Even though George Harrison had beautiful intention with his Concert for Bangladesh, Sir Bob Geldof took the charity rock concert to an enormous international level. It was a fantastic event that was simulcast from London and New York which inspired other concerts for the same day. He brought much needed awareness to the famine in Ethiopia plus he brought the concept of global participation for solutions to light. He inspired Bono who was my first choice but I think Bob deserves the honor.
Steve Hughes
One is more than enough.his influence on music is minimal-on fund raising for the third world tremendous
Julia Murphy
He is the creator of the first broadscale, worldwide charity concert - Live Aid/Band Aid - raised tons of $ and awareness for Africa in 80s and his gift keeps giving as others use his idea for other causes (Live Earth, Farm Aid, One Campaign)! Bob ROCKS! (And I don't like Mondays is also great song - very Columbine predictive!)
Clifford Bond
Live Aid, Live 8, other such efforts
Jeremy Chernikoff
His work to help stop poverty and famine in Africa, including organizing Live Aid and Live 8.