Donna Seidman
Almost every musician has performed a Bob Dylan song.
Dario Delendati
He putted together social topics typical of Folk Music with the more popular sound of Rock. Poetry and social problems became part of popular music. And if Beatles helped to bring down Iron Curtain is because of their meeting with Bob Dylan.
Pat Shea-Bischoff
This moralistic poet's lyrics inspired a generation during a controversial difficult era.
Edie Medoff
I was in college in Boston when many folk music and anti-war songs were written. I participated in many anti-war demonstrations (non-violent). I believe that the songs that Bob Dylan wrote and sang reflected many emotions of the people of the world.
Catherine Roach
Popularized folk music, personal and social storytelling, and continued to evolve by adopting different styles of music to remain relevant for almost fifty years.
Joanne Wiesner-Steiner
Blowin' in the Wind, The Times They Are A-changin', and numerous other songs of his became anthems expressing the feelings that young people were ready to make the world better, and had the power to do so.
milagros beck
self explanatory
lawrence mintz
He created a style of song writing that had never been heard before or since. He is the Shakespeare of song. He also changed the way people listened to pop music.
D Rubin
Incredible poet, songwriter, visionary
Robyn Tauss
He popularized folk music and made it accessable to the 60's generation. It was mostly timing but none the less that is my vote.
David Penzel
Bob Dylan brought social and political commentary into popular music. "Blowin' in the Wind" gave impetus to the civil rights movement, while the body of Dylan's work legitimized the singer-songwriter.
Judith Sullivan
Bob Dylan's five decades of music and lyrics have influenced all of the other artists of his time. He also broadened the audience for the artists that influenced him.
Tanay Mehta
Bob Dylan crafted music that empathized with people all over the world. His words not only told people "I understand" but inspired them to keep on fighting for what they believed in. Yet surprisingly enough, he maintained his individuality. He was able to very effectively express what his views and feeling were about a variety of subjects without being influenced by what his fans wanted. His controversial shift from acoustic to electric showed that he was adamant in expressing himself.
he spoke with our voice
Dan Haggerty
He is influential because He finished Woody's work. The answer was blowing in the wind, he translated it for us, and the times they a'Changed. Then he defined the American spirit, by pursuing his own rugged individualistic path artistically. His art is transcendant, he has introduced more Americans to themselves than any other artist. He is the voice of our time and place, and it isn't sugar coated. He speaks for and to us and we heard him.
John Lettiere
Bob Dylan, his creative writing style influenced popular music forever.
Bob Dylan
A poet makes music.
Patrick Williams
mark bacine
he influenced everyone who came after him.
James Dwyer
He made creative, smart lyrics the future of contemporary music, influencing everyone.
Jon DuBois
Single handedly jumpstarted the 60's, then gave the world a lesson in how a true artist must never be satisfied with where he/she is with her art. Like a shark, a great artist must keep on moving or die.
Barbara Resnick
He took an existing genre and recreated it resulting in music that has become classic and an indelible part of history. Still creating, his influence can be heard in generations not even born when he first entered and transformed the musical scene.
William Parks
Dylan influenced all that came after him. He brought poetry to the jukebox, spawned the singer/songwriter generation, and is lionized by virtually all of those who came after him. There isn't a major artist who hasn't done one of his songs. He is the dividing line between '50s Pop and what would become true artistic expression of the young. Try reading any biography of the major music makers of the past 30 years without seeing reference to him somewhere. He is the Shakespeare of the modern era.
Mark Sharrock
He was the best in all the styles he choose to play in{folk, rock, pop, country etc] .
Stephen Mooring
Had more to say about the world than "love", although that is very important.
Erica Kadel
Bob Dylan is a goldon god. Enough said.
Lois Karlin
changed music forever
douglas warshaw
completely changed the music landscape. was a huge influence on the beatles, and everyone else.
Geoff Bock
There is really nothing left to say about why Bob Dylan is the most influential artist. There just isn't another artist you could argue that the Sixties may not have happened without other Dylan. the Beatles, perhaps, but Dylan exploded before them. Art and politics had never ever been so skillfully merged or as universally accepted before or, maybe, since.
Stuart Lutz
Simply put, Bob Dylan is the greatest and most influential American artist of the second half of the 20th Century. He has both influence and quality work (Blood on the Tracks, Highway 61 Revisited, Time Out Of Mind). There is no other recent creative American (writer, playwright, sculptor, filmmaker, poet) with his influence and body of work.
Jeanne Gesuele
writing about world current events
John Doyle
for many people their political awareness began with the influence of Bob Dylan--the poet bard of our age.
Nina Garfinkel
He blended poetry with folk and rock and roll and inspired scores of other musicians to do the same. He changed the face of popular music forever, creating a powerful art form whose effects are still influential to this very day.
Joel Barsky
A master American poet, defied, and continues to defy convention. In a constant state of unpredictability, the Beethoven of rock and roll.
Nancy Leib
He songs helped to galvanize a generation for change. Whether th Civil Rights movement or the anti=war movement or the disatifvation of a generaltion.
Martin Edelman
He created music around relationship issues (war, civil rights, men/women). Others were inspired by him and continued the music creativity. His music with words is pertinent many years afterward.
John Vivenzio
His words and music spoke to a generation of people, many of who were lost and frustrated about the changing world around them. His Subterranian (sp?)Homesick Blues was one of the original rap songs that opened the door for this genre of music.
Sharon Wilson
Because his poetry has global impact and was able to capture a particular period in time that was of global concern: the War in Vietnam, which raised the question - What is the purpose of War?
jackie edelman
Dylan was the voice of my years of political awareness. The "Times They are a Changin" foretold what would become a major cultural revolution.
John Francis Peters
Focused lyrics on the cousciousness of the times.
Ellen Landi
Great poet - great social & political commentator.
irene towbin
The answer is blowin' in the wind.....
Patricia Valese
His words. Dylan was a prodigy - a forerunner, a messenger. His songs will be scrutinized for years - and the more meaningful they will become.
Susanna Porter
Musically and politically, Dylan changed the face of American music.
Ginger Bourguignon
Far and away Bob is the best song writer of Modern Times. Every music genere has used his writing to advance their own talents. The covers are endless and long may they live.
Laura Meyer
He once said of his hero, Woody Guthrie, that a person could learn how to live by listening to his songs. I think the same can be said for Dylan. What is more, he challenged us to take responsibility for our thoughts, lives, and expressions through his own committed example. And he has churned out more poetry and penetrating melodies than anyone else in the history of popular music.
Peter Oberg
For bridging the gap between old folksters and the new rock n rollers with a message of hope.
Marshall Stackman
Music (sound) touches the soul and uplifts those that truly listen. Music like heavy metal or gangster rap due just the opposite.
Marty Schultz
Greatest HISTORIAN of his TIME thru his POETRY & SONG.
JoAnn Lense
There are several reasons why I feel he was and is so influential. 1) His poetry was prolific and profound in regards to politic, love, & the unknown. 2) He was able to meld the spoken word with the musical realm. 3) He keep reinventing himself as time passes but always seems one step a head of the rest.
thomas cataldo
because he is the greatest song-writer of the 20th century. His music has helped change the very way we see the world.
Amy Zitron
His lyrics changed the values of 1950s complacency to 1960s action.
Eileen Fisher
Because he is spiritually-guided and has stayed true to that vision, no matter what.
Sophie Lee
Hands down. His songs made us think, question, act,change. With his words, he provoked, instigated, inspired, moved. The attitudes and ideologies of my generation, aka the Baby Boomer Generation were shaped to a large extent by his music and it was this generation that changed the world.
Angelina Seha
Bob Dylan has influenced nearly everyone, either directly or indirectly. Even if he isn't one of your influences, chances are, he influenced someone important to you. He's constantly reinventing himself and refuses to be tied to any particular genre. He's always making amazing, relevant music, no matter the time period. Dylan is an inspiration to anyone that desires to make music their life. He's done an admirable job of that himself, without ever looking like a caricature. He is the real deal.
jan hashey
laid non-violence out in indisputable and digestable terms. beautiful relentless music.
Katherine Yvinskas
He was the raw diamond that came and dared to be different. One person on a mission and his music is revealed through his poetic lyrics, haunting melodies and voice. An artist that stayed true to his own guiding light wherever the path went. All artists at that time were influenced by him in some form or another including the Beatles.
beth gamburd
his lyrics and music raised the consciousness of the 1960s
Ted Henken
His lyrics have become such a part of our culture that we don't realize it when we quote him. He has written some of the most perfect freedom/protest songs ever - Hard Rain, Masters/War, Blowin/Wind, Chimes/Freedom. He married folk music to pop creating a whole new genre. He has consistently reinvented himself over his long career &, like a true artist, refused to be pigeonholed. He has impacted culture and politics in the US & globally, his songs beloved across languages/cultures/generations.
Rhea Massaro
sang to our souls when we needed it the most.
Eva Heisler
He was in the forefront of protest music.
Eddie Karp
He brought topicality,literacy and poetry to the commercial music world...Moved beyond simple love songs, expandd pop song form beyong "three minute barrier"
Janice Cox
The perspectives on events reflected in his lyrics are profound and encourage audiences to think and reflect on events (and their connections/history) in new ways.
Martin Wolff
Dylan galvanized the youth movement against the Vietnam War, against racism and against mindless conventionalism. No one before or after has had such a powerful impact in this way.
Cheryl Wright-Smith
Bob Dylan has mused American folk music, American blues through rock-n-roll. He has told stories through his music; from the broken dreams of the common person, to the individual spiritual quest, honoring people who have influenced and changed the world. Bob Dylan has been the sub-conscious voice whispering truth throughout the 60's to "Modern Times". With his guitar and harmonica as his means; story- telling, poetry, honesty and humility. That is why I nominate Bob Dylan.
Catherine Bonnno
Because he reached the world, and is still reaching the world, always bringing us back to what is really important.
Joanna Duggan
Gave words to thoughts and feelings that were different from the mainstream, which he continues to do, and made it okay to think for yourself and have integrity.
John Tebeau
He made pop music's lyrics important. Before him, most popular music was fluff. After him, you could use it to make important points to millions of people. Dylan made it meaningful.
sj shapiro
His frank language on topics not discussed told stories that simultaneously reflected an era of change around the globe and the human condition.
Mel Prussack
There is nobody in the world of music that comes close to what Bob Dylan has accomplished. By constantly changing his sound and style he is the ultimate teacher to his many followers. By not following the prescribed course of "sticking with what works" he has covered every type and category of american music. Future generations will understand our times by studying his recordings. Besides his music he is also recognized as a poet, a painter, a writer and a radio personality. That is it.
Marie Ewald
War. Racism. Economic inequality. Bob Dylan's songs explore challenges we continue to face, stimulate discussion, and reach wildly diverse audiences. And his impact endures. Teenagers today are inspired by and take refuge in his music.
Ben Fisher
He made lyrics important in popular music, and forced folk into bed with rock.
Nancy Donato
he not only made you think about the time we were living in he gave a voice for the questions the youth of the world had.
Jennifer Dent
I didn't realize it at the time, but black men so identified with "Blowing in the Wind" that I believe it empowered on the civil rights movement.
Duffy Dillinger
Phenomenal songwriter/musician and poet of our time who has inspired all of the greats and even in his Christian Phase made the most sense of Xtian theology than any song writer I had ever heard after the ancient Byzantine Hymns.
Deanna Keller
Way he changes and constantly rearranges himself and his music. He follows his own way and yet has been involved in helping to change our politics and ways of thinking.
Gail Whitney
Bob Dylan's artistic influence can be appreciated by his never ending development, genuine style, and creative genius throughout the last forty plus years. Bob has never needed to create a style to please an audience - and he doesn't need to win the acceptance of the music industry. Bob has inspired many musicians to grow and become their best. Often imitated - never duplicated!
Leola Jackson
Bob was infulential during the cilvic right movement and stockwell the flower people and his music is still influentialing people today.
Jesse Adams
Bob Dylan’s importance is incalculable. His topical songs remain fresh and relevant after galvanizing activists for half a century. His singing overturns conventions of vocal ability. His evocative lyrics capture universal human truths and influence songwriters in every language. But Dylan’s life story – that a Jew from Minnesota has been able to spend a lifetime continuously redefining his music and identity – has proven the dynamism and limitless possibilities of America.
Penine Hart
Changed rock/pop/folk forever with emphasis on lyrical poetry with deeper meaning, linking the present to more ancient forms of storytelling and songwriting, the song-and-dance man to the troubadour. Also by confounding expectations at every turn.
suzanne schaem
He was the voice of a generation and helped to create a movement of change. He still exerts influence over many to this day.
Sandra Bowers
His early songs became an essential part of the civil rights, antiwar and personal responsibility movements.
Linda Justice
For lyrics no one can beat him.
For understanding the mystical nature of lyrics.
For bravery, to say what he wanted without fear.
For compassion.
It "appears" as if he's not afraid to suffer collectively with humanity, and he's not afraid of writing from that place. I read somewhere someone wrote, "he toils in the garden of his own soul" and somehow his soul is that of humanity crying.
I will forever be grateful to him.

Thank you.

Brad Scholz
Inspired youth to question established institutions and mores. Was instrumental in the transition of thoughtful rebellion from folk music to rock music.
carl silbergleit
Do you even have to ask?
Mary K Baumslag
Dylan raised awareness of so many
issues that his impact still continues. He brought many young people into the political process by the lyrics of his songs.
Jon Peacock
He was Bob Dylan back in the 60's. His voice helped a counterculture understand their place in the world.
He is still Bob Dylan today! His style and voice may have changed, but his words, poetry, and messages have never faltered from bringing the world what we need right when we need it. He is not only a legend, but he's also a modern voice, still relevant to the world today!
Gloria Creech
Steve Wonder was influenced to record Blowin' in the Wind even though Berry Gordy wasn't too keen on the economic potential of recording "protest songs". His songs promoted peace and human rights.
Craig Reese
His music did all his talking.
Geraldine Bartlett
Hands down, no one else comes close!
His poetry, his genius.
Matthew Katz
Weathermen ("You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"); The Times They Are a Changin'; Blowin' in the Wind, etc., etc.
Janice Sullivan
HIs words spoke to many many people and he is a true poet.
matthew wilkes
Iconoclastically and ever changingly striking out in new directions over decades, an original poet-beacon for others to follow, as, given time, they inevitably do, from groups - the Beatles, the Animals, the Band, the Byrds, the Grateful Dead-to individuals - Jimi Hendrix, Richie Havens, Leonard Cohen, Neal Young, Warren Zevon, Allen Ginsberg & on and on - who else has influenced so many, so deeply, and so profoundly, as writer, singer, actor & performer, across such a wide spectrum of material?
Brenda Sheridan
His folk songs in the 1960s inspired a generation of change. Nobody said it better: The Times, They are a Changin'
brian bowen
there's really only one that profoundly changed the last 1/2 of the twentieth century!
Poet, Singer, Painter, Writer...
The heart and soul of several generations.
Carol Dobson
In his early years, Bob Dylan's protest ballads shaped the protest movement of the '60's.
Timothy O'Connell
Career spanned five decades and several genres and was a huge influence on other artists. Many of his songs are anthems of their time, far more than any other artist.
pat keegan
His words and music affected ALL around the world
Carla Beaudet
Because he brought intelligent, complex and poetic lyrics to a whole generation that, in turn, stopped a war and apartheid, got environmental issues into the forefront, worked for gender, racial and class equity, influenced spiritual thinking, and set some of us free to occassionally dance beneath a diamond sky with one hand waving free.
Loek Hopstaken
General: For urging millions of us to learn English to understand what he was singing. His unintentional but major by-product: the ability of those millions to share their feelings about the world's problems in the 1960ies - with like-minds worldwide. Personal: Dylan taught me English, and showed me how to take a fresh new look at life and living.
Joan Adams
I can't think of any artist who has inspired more change in
civil rights, politics, & the anti-war movement. Because he brought so many young people into the arenas, he influenced the future: as his young audience became active & remained active as they matured into influential people themselves. His songs of protest were calls to right the wrongs in society, not to break society down. "Oxford Town" & "A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall" demonstrat his passion & morality more than my words can ever do.
aviva blaichman
He brought poetry into music and sang of peace and human rights...
I dare say the Beatles would not have been the Beatles without Dylan
Martha Pinson
Bob Dylan's music, gave voice to a New Enlightenment in America. People, especially the post-war generation, listened to him and started to think more personally, critically and creatively about issues such as politics, race, conflict, history, justice, love, and poetry itself. He sparked our creativity and participation in changing the world.
Al Schultz
Because he changed me more than any other musician.