Hannah Pahl
Innovator of the electric guitar, creator of his signature beat, and just overall amazing man, Bo is surely the founder of rock as we know it. From punk garage bands to heavy metal bands, from country to blues, all these genres have been impacted in one way or another from this great man.
David Blakey
Bo Diddley was the first to change the sound of the electric guitar to what we now know as rock & roll. He was the first rock musician to regularly employ female musicians in his band; around 1959, he built one of the world's first home recording studios in his house in Washington, DC; his 1963 "Bo Diddley's Beach Party" album is one of rock music's earliest live remote recordings and upon his passing in June 2008, President George W. Bush stated that Bo Diddley had "changed the face of music".
Catherine Fusillo
Everything you need to know is said right here (from Harvard musicologist): "Bo Diddley Rules The Word" http://www.physorg.com/news175248181.html
J Davis Rorer
He put the Rock in Rock and Roll! His beat was the foundation of most Rock & Roll artists from it's conception!
Kelly Carter
Bo was a trailblazer, a creator, a showman extraordinairre and his beats are the cornerstone of rock and roll....EVERYONE knows the Bo Diddley beat
Molly Jubitz
He was the BEGINNING and was there till his end, and is STILL influencing music and culture. His beat is heard every single day. Bo Diddley put the "rock" in Rock 'n' Roll!
Bo Diddley
he put the rock beat in rock n roll
Faith Fusillo
Bo Diddley was one of the principal architects of Rock 'n Roll, a musical genre upon which other styles have since been built. So many firsts, achievements and awards to mention. I will end by saying this:

Tell anyone, anywhere, in any country in any langauge -- from weekend garage bands to seasoned professionals -- to play a "Bo Diddley Beat," and he or she will know what to do. Who else has a beat named after him/her?
Chris Tuthill
Besides helping invent Rock 'n' Roll, and setting the stage for bands like Beatles, Bo was the first to merge music of the world, combining African rhythms, American Blues and more, and using it to bridge the cultural gap between blacks and whites.