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World’s Top Artists

Over 1,800 nominations were submitted for artists that changed the world. Below are the top five nominated artists. Which has had the greatest impact on history?

The Beatles -- 58%

Two months after the assassination of President Kennedy--a sad, scary time for 13 year-olds like me -- The Beatles came to America, bringing fun, cheekiness, intelligence, and belief in the power of music to transform the then dreary landscape. When George Harrison wrote "Here Comes the Sun" years later, he might well have been writing about the four boys who lit and warmed the winter of 1964. No one inspired the baby boomers more than The Beatles. They gave us hope.

Pete Seeger -- 16%

He is the epitome of the American folk artist and troubadour, keeping alive a long tradition. Not only does he entertain, but he sings out loud as an activist. He sung against the Viet Nam War, he sung for civil rights. He co-founded the Clearwater sloop and is at the forefront of efforts to clean the Hudson River, educating people about pollution and inspiring them to do something about it. Throughout his life, he walks the walk, true to his message and the spirit of peace.

Bob Dylan -- 9%

I can't think of any artist who has inspired more change in civil rights, politics, & the anti-war movement. Because he brought so many young people into the arenas, he influenced the future: as his young audience became active & remained active as they matured into influential people themselves. His songs of protest were calls to right the wrongs in society, not to break society down. "Oxford Town" & "A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall" demonstrate his passion & morality more than my words can ever do.

Michael Jackson -- 8%

Michael Jackson's music united the world. Never has one musician been able to cross not only music genres but also to cross ethnicity lines and bring us all together as a people. His music raises our consciousness, makes you think and makes you want to be a better person. When you listen to "We are the World", you feel a sense of hope and believe that we can make this world a better place.

U2/Bono -- 7%

U2's unprecedented impact on world politics and universal human rights: U2 is the most influential band/musician because they make the most tangible international historic impact regarding issues such as human rights, world peace, and AIDS. They continuously influence the masses with their impassioned music and go above and beyond by directly affecting public policies. In short, U2 is the PBS of music. They are there for the public good and bring profound truths to the masses.

The votes are in and viewers overwhelming chose The Beatles as the artists that had the greatest impact on history. Read what viewers had to say about all the artists below, including the winning nomination submissions.

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