Weekly Media News Briefing, January 9th-13th

January 13th, 2012

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Youtube’s Robert Kyncl spoke on the company’s new approach to premium content. The future of premium internet video, a distribution pipeline which Kyncl says will take a 75% share of the total video market by 2020, is in niche programming – programming that takes the specialized content strategy of cable networks to a new level. Youtube’s partnerships with a variety of producers to create 100 original channels for the video site made waves last year, but results have yet to be seen. Youtube plans to roll out new channels in the first half of 2012. Above, Kyncl speaks about new opportunities in online video.

In the battle to defend content, news creators are getting tougher about the line between fair use and theft.

In the debate over the pending Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), NYTimes media commentator David Carr squares off with SOPA’s Washington sponsor, House Member Lamar Smith, over whether the legislation’s protection of content creator profits might slow down Web-based innovation and endanger online free speech.