Weekly Media News Briefing for December 5th-9th

December 6th, 2011

North American Newspapers are expected to continue their downward trajectory into 2012, according to a new report from KubasPrimedia. While ad revenues are even worse than originally projected, the quarterly number of readers making the transition from print-heavy with a digital supplement to a full digital news diet has also been an elusive figure to project. Digital subscriptions are picking up, but despite an initial skyrocket following the introduction of online paywalls and e-reader subscriptions on applications like Apple’s newsstand, ad revenue is unlikely to return to previous levels – a continued push for innovation is a must.

Last week the New York Times launched a new commenting system that allows trusted readers with a history of “good commenting behavior” to post without moderation. Via Business Week.

CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia will merge to create CNBC International. In a release, network chief Mark Hoffman stated that the consolidation would bring “streamlined communication”, thus strengthening overall operations. Via News On News