Weekly Media Briefing for November 7th-11th

November 8th, 2011

YouTube and Disney have made a new content-distribution deal that seeks to bring new short-form programming clips to a wider audience.
Disney is also looking to boost its low Youtube presence. Via Wired.

Sony Music Entertainment has a new CEO, and he has big plans – to “create the pre-eminent record company in the world.” Record companies, including new music start-ups have been finding new ways to make money off of music, despite the record fall-off in sales over the last ten years. While services like Pandora and Spotify are promising, many are still unsure whether the music via subscription can bring the industry anywhere close to its previous state.

Barnes & Noble released their new Nook tablet on Monday, in the hopes that it can increase its share of e-books while maintaining over a thousand book stores. Via Wall Street Journal