Weekly Media Briefing for August 15th-19th

August 15th, 2011

Time Warner Cable has expanded its Midwest operations by acquiring cable company Insight Communications for 3 billion.

Youtube’s most popular content: Music videos. According to a report from Ad Age, 40% of Youtube viewers in July visited the site to watch music videos, with VEVO and Warner music taking in more views than any other branded channel on the video streaming site. Meanwhile, the National Music Publishers Association signed a licensing fee deal with Youtube, offering a source of revenue for music publishers whose music videos and songs evidently make the site such a popular destination.

Netflix is making headway into Spain and Britain in 2012. The company will not have the same head start in premium streaming video services that it did in the US – it will be competing with other major streaming sites such as Lovefilm, Europe’s leading streaming service, acquired by Amazon in January.

The traditional TV advertising format is gaining steam online. Mid-roll advertisements are increasing in length, and viewers are sticking around to watch them. The study confirming the ongoing shift can be found here: Freewheel

Amazon now has 100,000 movies and tv shows available for a-la-carte purchase online, whereas its streaming content stands at a much lower 9,000 titles. Amazon’s approach is unique in that it offers consumers both an a-la-carte (pay per download) and subscription options.