Weekly Media News Briefing, January 16th-20th

January 20th, 2012

As major media and entertainment sites invest in original content, the cloud of niche programming and new shows available exclusively online is growing. While prominent sites like the Huffington Post, and the Daily Beast are all featuring new video content on their sites in a bid to establish themselves as serious players in the convergent media space, Netflix, Hulu, and others are making deals which will see exclusive, high-budget shows incorporated with their other offerings, almost all of which have to this point been sourced from studios or other independent content creators.

With these new investments comes not only an experiment, but a deluge of original scripted and non-scripted programming – and this isn’t only happening online. Throughout 2011 the cable industry saw an upsurge in original programming as channels sought to keep themselves relevant in an era when running re-runs is slowly becoming a less popular practice.

What does this mean for viewers? While it may become trickier to navigate the video and entertainment ecosystem, competition is greater than ever, and this means viewers may end up with more high quality programming that’s relevant to them.

New possibilities in citizen journalism abound with the consumer-available Parrot Drone Copter. ┬áIs that an iPhone they’re using for control?

Remember the News Corporation scandal? Newly uncovered misdeeds from the now-defunct News of the World.