Weekly Media News Briefing for December 12th-16th

December 13th, 2011

Last Tuesday, NBC’s push to increase local coverage took a more concrete form as it announced new partnerships with non-profit news organizations. Notably, Propublica, a nonprofit news organization specializing in investigative journalism, will team up with 10 NBC stations. The move comes on the heels of Comcast’s merger with NBC Universal in January, in which Comcast agreed to increase local coverage across NBC’s news operations. Propublica’s General Manager, Richard Tofel (above), spoke positively on the sustainability of non-profit news organizations at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in April 2011.

Warren Buffet, despite previously saying that newspapers were a dying business, has just bought a local paper in Nebraska. Is the wizard of Omaha making a statement of values, or does he believe he is making a good investment?