Weekly Media Briefing for August 22nd – 26th

August 22nd, 2011

Bids for Hulu are still coming in, and numbers between 500 million and 2 billion are expected. The site’s instance as joint venture between media majors has brought access to many hours of premium content, however it has also created many conflicts of  interest. Potential investors could potentially open doors for the site and make it a stronger competitor in the online streaming space.

Freshman at Florida Atlantic University get a lesson in how journalism was done before the internet, and are surprised by how much has been forgotten in just twenty short years.

Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC blurs the line between satire and activism, but that may just be the point, in an America with no limits on campaign spending, and where political power is impossible without and often inseparable from media presence.

Whatever may be happening in the economy, we say with certainty that the news consensus says the economy is ailing, and hasn’t been this bad since 2009.

Bill Moyers returns to public television!

Another Google books dispute in France ends in settlement. Following a similar deal between Google and Hachette, French publisher La Martiniere has agreed to share revenue for out-of-print books from its collection which are to be scanned by Google.