Media News Briefing for Friday, May 19th

May 20th, 2011

Ad Buyers Have Not Returned En Masse to the Pages of Newsweeks for the Moment, AdAge Reports. Tina Brown recently stated that the new Newsweek/ internet and print hybrid will likely not see profitability for 2-3 years – and this is a common line across the board for many new online news outlets. Only time will tell how many financial backers will maintain confidence in online news media outlets – in their recent report the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism noted the case of hyperlocal losing financial steam after only 6 months – an online outlet that had originally been on a 3-5 year trajectory toward profitability.

The Day Before the New York Public Library Begins its Centennial Celebration, Amazon Has Reported That it is Selling, on Average, 105 E-books for Every 100 Books. NYTIMES

Liberty Media Puts in Bid for Barnes and Noble. The trend toward media consolidation continues as Liberty, a major force in global media, shows interest in B+N, which is set to unveil a new e-reader. FORBES