Media Briefing for Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14th, 2006

The television industry is planning tougher standards for TV ads aimed at children. Broadcasting & Cable reports this is in response to the epidemic of obesity in children.

In the Middle East, young Arabs are sidestepping repressive regimes with blogs and the internet. The Washington Post reports this is the new source of free expression in the region.

This week’s Nova on PBS provides an exploration of the issue of genetics.The Boston Globe reports Nova found a family walking on all fours to tell the story.

Frontline’s look at the sting operation in Spokane, Washington is reviewed by the New York Times.The Times says the PBS telecast affirms that the scars are permanent.

Can iPod be challenged? Microsoft this week unveiled its new Zune as a direct challenge to Apple’s iPod. There is wide news coverage. The New York Times says Zune offers a new twist.The Wall Street Journal. The Associated Press. <a href=<bloomberg News. And Microsoft’s hometown Seattle Times says Microsoft’s new product has ?many miles to go.

Tivo will be offering Internet video.The New York Times reports. AP reports. Reuters reports. USA Today has an interesting breakout.

Cable TV is now in the cellphone busness. USA Today reports.

Podcasts converted to search can help significantly. AP examines podcast searching.

Podcasters and bloggers traveled to Pittsburgh for a major meeting. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette was there.

NBC puts Meet The Press and NBC Nightly News on iTunes. The Hollywood Reporter has details.

Dan Rather is rarin? to go on his new broadcast. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the story. Dan Rather questions the power of the major networks, as he begins his broadcast on HD Net, not yet widely available in the U.S. The Saint Petersburg Times says he?d rather burn out than rust out.

With consolidation, NBC Telemundo’s local newscasts in San Jose, Phoenix and Las Vegas will actually originate in Fort Worth, Texas. The Los Angeles Times reports.

Meanwhile 40 staffers are to be cut from NBC News, according to a report. The Los Angeles Times has this story.

Ad executives see TV advertising budgets moving to the online world. Media Life reports.

Interactive advertising, tested in upstate New York and Hawaii, is coming to New York City. Media Life has the story.

The Tribune Company apparently has 6 bidders. Bloomberg News reports. Meanwhile the Los Angeles Times? Chandler family is split over what to do about Tribune.